Christmas …… the Hutchison way!!!!

Two years ago, I began decorating for Christmas a week prior to Halloween and took it all down one week after St. Patrick’s Day. I won’t even waste my time trying to count how many days that is ….. but one thing’s for sure: it’s way too long for a holiday’s decorations to grace one’s house!!!!!!!

Fast forward to 2011 and you get a very merry, very cheery, very cute, and very Charlie-Brownish Christmas:



Ain’t it purr-tey?!

Several weeks ago I mentioned to a friend that the only Christmas decorations in our house were an oven mitt embroidered with “Merry Christmas, Y’all,” a custom wreath (thank you Mendi Mitchell in Clay, Kentucky!) on the side entry door, and a snowman nightlight in the hallway because I nearly broke a toe finding my way to the bathroom in a Benadryl-drunken slumber last week in the middle of the night and it was the only source of plug-in light I could find. (Apologies for that extreme run-on sentence, oops.) All of that nonsense to say, she was not impressed with my holiday cheer in the decor department. Her solution: loan me a miniature, Charlie Brown-sized, faux evergreen stuffed into a burlap sack. It’s the cutest lil’ Christmas tree ever ever ever!

Husband and I do not exchange gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or even our anniversary. (GASP!)

Thanks to our families, we had presents under our itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny Christmas tree. We received goodies from my family in Kentucky (containing birthday presents for me and Christmas gifts for “us”) and Husband’s family gave us our presents at Christmas Day dinner. Now don’t get me wrong, if we see something we like or something we want (that’s reasonable, of course), we’ll get it. FOr instance, Husband said he wanted ropes, so he bought some. Earlier this year, I had my eye on a DSLR and, after some research, we bought my Nikon camera. Husband’s offered to buy me other goodies (such as an e-reader and iPad) but I’ve declined them.

Christmas, to me, is not about stuff found in crowded shopping malls or purchased with gift cards.

My favorite holiday memories this year include spending Thanksgiving with my family in Kentucky, adopting two young children from the Angel Tree, hosting a dinner party for friends, providing dessert for the youth’s progressive dinner, and getting chills listening to “Ave Maria” at my church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service. It’s been a beautiful Christmas season, but I don’t believe it stops here. Rather, it’s only the beginning.

I challenge you to keep this joyous season in your heart long after the holiday decorations have been stowed away.

Don’t forget …….


Beginning January 1, you can find me at my new blog, Three 31.


I think I’m going to decorate this itsy-bitsy tree for Valentine’s Day and take it back to its owner.






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