1st Blog-iversary (giveaway) (*WINNERS ANNOUNCED*)

Congratulations to #26 ……… this set of wonderful gifts and prizes goes to KRIS TAPP. And she thought she was unlucky!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered. Have a very merry Christmas and stay tuned for BIG news at the end of the month.

Because Christmas is around the corner and I haven’t purchased a single gift …..

Because 27 & Counting is celebrating its one year blog-iversary …..

Because you’ve been patiently waiting for this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT …..

I’m having a blog-iversary giveaway!!!!!!!!

The Stocking Stuffers

The Rules

(required) Comment #1  Will you share these items or keep ’em for yourself?

(required) Comment #2 Subscribe to 27 & Counting for email updates.

 Optional Entries

  • Like 27 & Counting on Facebook and tell me you did in a comment
  • Follow @nmhutch on Twitter and tell me you did in a comment
  • Visit BootDazzles.com and select your favorite accessory then tell me in a comment
  • Like BootDazzles on Facebook and tell me you did in a comment
  • Like The Diamond E on Facebook and tell me you did in a comment
  • Follow @thediamonde on Twitter and tell me you did in a comment
  • Subscribe to The Diamond E for email updates and tell me you did in a comment
  • Visit The Diamond E on Etsy and tell me you did in a comment


Leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry, no more than TEN (10) per person.

Giveaway ends Sunday, December 18 at 10:00 pm (Central).

Open to U.S. residents only.

Winner will be selected by Random.org and notified by email.

A portion of this giveaway was provided by Marlene @ BootDazzles and Jan @ The Diamond E. The other items were provided by Yours Truly. Target and Chick-Fil-A don’t know who I am …. except for the cashier at CFA who knows I like Chick-Fil-A sauce on my sandwich.



  1. Liked on FB 27 and Counting

  2. Liked Diamond E on FB

  3. Like “Karen” on the Boot Dazles

  4. Will not share

  5. If I started growing chocolate … the federal government would make it an illegal substance. I’d have to dig a cellar, install grow lights, invest in security systems, etc. Sigh!

  6. I’d love to give the boot accessories to some of my students who seldom have something special given to them.

  7. Today would have been my daughter’s birthday. Wish she could have met you since your energy and wackiness are much like hers.

  8. Love to look and read your blogs ! and I guess i would keep the chick fil a for myself and the hubby! and Targets to use towards grandkids of course !!!!

  9. I went to BootDazzles.com – Man, that was snazzy music! I think “Marla” is my fav. 🙂

    I’m still jammin’.

  10. Ok!! I subscribed now, the oldfashioned way – via computer. Did you ever dream computers would be “oldfashioned”?

  11. I would share. Contrary to my…ahem…smart alecky…side comments to teenagers who get on my last nerve, I am actually very kind and giving 😉

  12. I’ll probably share the loot 🙂 Just subscribed to your posts…can’t believe I’m just now doing that since I read every single one of them. Looking forward to getting them in my inbox now. Awesome giveaway!

  13. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your blog-iversary 🙂 I would probably give most of the items for gifts but may keep the wine glasses for myself!

  14. love those boot bedazzlers.. i think i need to win some of these,

  15. Subscribed via email.

  16. Liked you on FB.

  17. Keep them!! Probably to buy gifts, though. 🙂

  18. I visited Bootdazzlers.com (appreciate the links) and like Annette best. I would have like Kris best, but they didn’t have one named after me!!

  19. I saw Diamond E on Etsy – do they have a cricut? Nice signs. That takes time and precision. Oops, I haven’t had time to read your blog. I guess I should do that next.

  20. Now following Diamond E on twitter – goodness, this is fun! And time consuming! Worth it if I win. But I suspect someone will enter at the last minute, and with one entry, win it all. Sigh. Such is the story of my life! Haha

  21. I liked the Diamond E on facebook – cool business!

  22. I subscribed to your blog. . . 🙂

  23. I like you – on FB, and everywhere else.

  24. I liked Bootdazzles on FB because I’m procrastinating on a Monday morning. Plus, I want to win something!

  25. Thanks for your twitter address – yes, I do want to start growing chocolate. I feel this is a very sound investment for me!

  26. I’m keeping all of it! Well, I might share those boot feathers. And maybe the wine glasses (although pintrest has an interesting decorating idea using wine glasses). Perhaps I’ll give the Chck-fil-a away. But the target card is all mine!!!

  27. Visited Diamond E on Etsy 🙂

  28. Signed up for email notifications! 🙂

  29. I would probably keep some & share some, although the keepers would be shared with the hubby & kiddos! 🙂

  30. hey Nicole, i had a vivid dream last night that I won these prizes.. lol…

  31. love the blog

  32. I subscribe 🙂

  33. I’d share them with my Mom!!! 🙂 She deserves it!

    Congrats – you inspire me! Thank you for the chance!!

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail.com

  34. I visited The Diamond E’s etsy page

  35. FB fan / like The Diamond E – Jan Elmore. My FB profile:

  36. FB fan / like BootDazzles. My FB profile:

  37. my fav BootDazzles accessory is the Marlene

  38. FB fan / like 27 & Counting. My FB profile:

  39. e-mail subscriber

  40. I’d keep some and share some. The wine glasses would make a great gift, and the gift cards would be great for some self-pampering 😉

  41. Happy Blogaversary! What a sweet giveaway ~ perfect “stocking stuffers” and glasses to ring in the new year!

  42. Girl I would keep these gifts for myself! Merry Christmas to Linds! Hope you and the Husband are doing well!
    Another thing, I already subscribe to your blog via email. Do I have to do it again?

  43. these are some fantastic give a ways… would love to win.. love reading your blog.. you make me laugh with your comments of real life… thanks for being here

  44. Blog-iversary
    (required) Comment #1 Will you share these items or keep ‘em for yourself?-As me with boot dazzles would look a bit strange, I will be keeping some items and sharing others.

    (required) Comment #2 Subscribe to 27 & Counting for email updates.-Done, if not let me know.


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