Day 26 of Pinterest ~ Small Business Saturday

My sincere apologies for yesterday’s mishap …… I scheduled blog posts to automatically publish while Husband and I were visiting my family in KY but I forgot to hit the “schedule” button on November 25. Oh well. I’ll share those pins before the end of the month. Besides, all y’all were probably out shopping and didn’t have time to visit my lil’ol’blog anyhow …….. Happy Small Business Saturday Shopping to ya!!!!!!!


It’s Day 26 of


I’m observing Small Business Saturday with my own little tribute and shout-out to some of my favorite small businesses. I’ve included links to their websites in hopes that you will visit and tell them Nicole @ 27 & Counting sent you. You get an extra pat on the back if you make a purchase!


Most of you have read about my love of The Art Barn Studio, but on Small Business Saturday I’m sharing an extra dose of love to my artistic friends. Hilary and her crew of talented artists and crafters help customers make unique, personalized, and very creative pieces. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by The Art Barn Studio, and be sure to visit their updated website. ANYBODY can create at The Art Barn, believe me ….. if I can do it, you can do it.

Paint-your-own pottery, mosaics, tile, and ironworks at The Art Barn Studio

And, for all my local peeps, if you’re interested in joining me at Cocktails & Create on Saturday, December 10 send me a private message. I’ll provided the wine!!!!!!



Custom Tiles for Newlywed Couple

Jan at The Diamond E is super talented. Visit her Etsy store here. I asked Jan for a unique gift for the Steele wedding and she surpassed all my expectations with this custom decorative tile and a set of tile coasters with the couples’ names, wedding date, and initials. It was the perfect wedding gift ~ unique and personal.

Jan is extremely talented and her business ventures are continually expanding into photography and handmade gifts. Please visit her blog and Etsy shop to learn more. 


Custom Woodcrafted Sign by The Wood Shop

Heath and Brandy Sutton created The Wood Shop because they were bored. NOT!!! Actually, these are two of the busiet people I know. Besides their day jobs, they also have two young girls, a herd of adorable Bloodhounds, and now a custom wood shop. They can turn an ordinary piece of lumber into art. In fact, they made the sign above for my Dad’s 60th surprise birthday party this past July. Dad has it proudly displayed in the shop where all the gardening festivities (canning, pea hullin’, corn shuckin’) take place.


If you ever find yourself within a gabillion miles of Nashville, TN and in need of a kicka$$ photography …… lyrics to a song ……. or a restaurant recommendation …… or driving directions ……. or just a sweet voice to say “HEY GIRLLLLLL”, talk to Jamie at Fnkybee Photography.  

Jamie rocks my world (she’ll rock yours too) with her “awesome-sauce.” Contact her and be sure to tell her that I sent ya. To visit Jamie’s blog, simply click here.



What’s a small business in your area that is worth promoting?





  1. Thank You Nicole!!!!

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