Day 21 of Pinterest ~ You can bet your Bluegrass

Welcome to Day 21 of



This post is extra special. Why? Because I said so.

Actually, by the time most of you get around to reading this post, Husband and I will be on our way to DFW Airport to hop on a little puddle-jumper air-o-plane en route to Ken-Tuck-EEEEE.

Please excuse my exaggerated accent …… I’s gots to practice fore I git thar!!!!!!!


I told Husband that I really needed this necklace and pendant. His response, “tell Santa.” 

Wait, I’m very confused.


There’s nothing better than a cool, crisp, foggy morning in Kentucky. 


This “pin” makes me laugh out loud because it’s so true. When somebody asks me where I’m from, I don’t hesitate with “Webster County.” This Kentucky-ism comes naturally. I represent the WebCo proudly ……. including the hoodie sweatshirt from Webster County High School.


Nothing screams Louisville, Kentucky more than the Twin Spires at Churchill Downs. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to visit this Kentucky icon. In years past, my family has always gone to Churchill Downs the day after Thanksgiving (otherwise known as Black Friday) to watch the last live races of the season. Husband and I will miss out on this standing tradition as we’re flying back to Texas next Friday.


Four words ……… Aunt. Kathy’s. Bourbon. Slush.

Second only to sweet tea, my “other” favorite beverage (the adult variety) is Aunt Kathy’s bourbon slush. It’s the only time I drink bourbon. It’s a delicious (dangerous!) mix of lemonade, tea, ginger ale or Sprite, and grenadine. It doesn’t matter if its hot and humid or frigid and cold, it’s always a good time for bourbon slush!


It’s been a long, long time since I was actually in Kentucky during college basketball season. I’m really looking forward to watching the UK game this week.

Which reminds me, SANTA, will you bring me a new UK t-shirt or hoodie sweatshirt? Please? Thank you.






  1. ENJOY! I’m heading to KY on T’giving day . . . Louisville, to be exact. 🙂 Enjoy your holiday.

    • My parents, husband, and I are driving to Louisville to spend Thanksgiving with my mom’s family. How fun! We’re just going up for the day and returning to Western KY in the evening. Husband and I return to TX on Friday.

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