Day 9 of Pinterest ~ Build Your Own Food Bars

Day 9 of



I’m soooo freakin’ excited about the pins I’m sharing with you today. They are in the “why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before-now” category!

I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to play Hostess With the Mostess and serve these Build-Your-Own-Plate meals to my guests. For instance, the next time I’m hosting book club, I want to serve one of these food bars. Besides convenience, the possibilities are endless and everyone can fix their plate to their own liking. For a picky eater, I love this! For an allergy-sufferer, this is life-saving. Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration!!!





Top-Your-Tator Bar



Sprinkle Your Sundae






So tell me, Pinterest Pals, what kind of DIY Food Bar are you inspired to serve?



  1. Do you have any other bar menu ideas besides burger & potatoe?

    • Robin, you can have a lot of fun with build-your-own food bars! A friend of mine just had a BBQ cookout and for dessert there was a BYO s’mores bar with lots of different cookies, flavored marshmallows, candies and chocolate chips, etc. It was dee-lish …. and she even had a bowl of vegan chocolate chips since I have a milk allergy. SCORE!!! Food bars are great when you’re serving something with lots of toppings or options, such as:

      BYO salad
      BYO fajita, quesadilla or taco
      BYO pizza
      BYO cookie, donut or cupcake (toppings, etc.)

      Have fun with it …. now I’m hungry and want to build my own homemade pizza with caramelized onion and peppers, manchego cheese, olives, and fresh tomatoes. YUM! 🙂

  2. I love the burger bar. I am going to do this for my sons birthday.

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