Day 7 of Pinterest ~ DIY Craft Projects

It’s day 7 of



There are three DIY projects that have inspired me to the n-th degree and I’m convinced that I have enough common sense, natural ability, and non-artistic talent to accomplish them. That makes no sense whatsoever, but I’m determined to make something “crafty” I’ve seen on Pinterest!!!!!!!! 

Seriously, how hard would it be to cover canvas with burlap, use a sponge brush, or wrap yarn around a bottle?


Painted Wall Art for Non-Artists


This is pretty much the coolest non-artist, artsy-fartsy project I’ve ever seen. Similar prints at Pier 1 and World Market are expensive, but this is economical and simple. YEAH! The supply list includes a piece of stretched canvas, paint, and set of round stamp brushes ~ all items I can purchase at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc. I can draw crooked, squiggly lines and “dab” here, there, and everywhere. I think this is something I can definitely accomplish!!!!


Painted Burlap Monogram Letters


I’m in a monogram mood …. have been for months. It’s personal, charming, and oh-so-Southern. I have several things with my monogram (initials) including a bag, drinking cup, and bracelet. I also have “our” monogram on a wood block, custom made by The Wood Shop in Kentucky, that I will most likely hang either in our bedroom or entryway. Anyway, I love these burlap letters displayed on a mantel. I like to decorate our mantel during holidays and various seasons, but monograms are suited for any occasion, which makes my life easy and my bank account happy.


Yarn-Wrapped Bottles


Along with the non-artist, artsy-fartsy artwork above, I think a set of these yarn-covered bottles would look DEEEE-VINE on the dining room table. I just had an ah-ha moment. Seriously! I will hang the non-art artwork on the wall adjacent to the china cabinet and wrap earth-tone colored yarn on repurposed wine bottles to display either on the dining table or buffet. I don’t drink beer, but the wine bottles would be better for the “scale” of the dining room and kitchen area. I really like the jewel (earth) tones of the bottles and “dots” in the artwork; these colors would go well in our dining room and compliment the dark wood furniture and slate tile floors.


I’m feeling very HGTV-isc. Are you inspired to create something? Please share your ideas … “pin” it!!!!!



  1. Nicole, did you just use the acrylic paints to make the dots on the canvas.. when can i see the pic of yours… can’t wait….

    • Yes, I used acrylic paint in a “pen” to draw the twig lines and bottled paint with round sponge brushes to make the dots. Super. Duper. Simple. I’ll take pictures and do a separate post, in December, after the 30 Day Pinterest challenge. Enjoy!

  2. Nicole, I think the artsy fartsy (love saying that) is a great idea.. i might even try it myself.. the yarn bottles are a great idea also.. maybe i’ll get my grandkids in on it… thanks for the post…

    • Wilma, I just finished the wall art project with the painted twigs and sponge “dots” …. it was so easy! Goodness, what can I do next?! Whatever project you decide to make, send me pics!


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