Day 4 of Pinterest ~ It’s A Dog’s World

All you need is love ….. and a dog.

If all you need is love and a dog ………  I need a dog.

Any of these will do.

Dear Santa, please bring me a dog with wrinkles. And big ears.


And freakishly adorable facial expressions.



  1. I love it, it’s so cute!!!!

  2. Everyone needs a dog – they enrich our lives in so many ways and yet all they ask for in return is our love and to be fed- a good exchange I would say!
    The pics are awesome!

  3. So cute! I hope you get a puppy for Christmas! Do I need to mention this to Kev?

  4. Nicole..those photos are amazing. and so cute…. You are NEVER alone in this world if you have an animal friend, cat, dog, mouse even a worm..if it is something that you love its species does not matter.
    Me..I have 5 dogs, a cat, and 2 donkeys…Never lonely and always happy XXxx

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