Shirley Says ~ Final Thoughts

This is the fourth and final segment of Shirley Says from Shirley Vaughn at Shirley Vaughn Photography. She’s offered many helpful and insightful photography tips for all of us interesting in improving our photography ….. thank you, Shirley!!!!!

You can read Shirley’s prior post by clicking here, here, and here.

Hey everybody, this is Shirley again! For our final post on photography tips, I’m going to help you understand the Rule of Thirds.

What is the Rule of Thirds?

The basic idea of this photography technique, is to imagine the image is divided into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, to create nine sections. Within the nine (9) sections, you also create four (4) intersections. Something like this:

The “Rule of Thirds” is a common and accepted rule of composition in photography, as well as other art. When looking at your desired image or scene, decide what your focal point of interest is and place it either on one of the four line or on one of intersecting planes of thirds. For example, in portrait photography, place a person’s eyes on the “rule of thirds” line because the eyes will be the focal point in the picture. If you wish for all of a person to be the focal point, place them on one of the “thirds” lines.

Additional Photography Tips

  • When photographing children, get on their level (i.e. sit on the floor) and occasionally show the child a picture you’ve taken and their “performance meter” will increase! Also, encourage them to look at your camera lens by asking them to find a teddy bear inside. Make noises to get and keep their attention too.
  • Children and candid shots go hand-in-hand. Place their toys or stuffed animals facing your camera or the light in a way that would be best for a good shot. Allow them to play while you capture them, you’ll be surprised at the precious shots you’ll get!
  • Make sure the background where you are shooting is clean and free of any items that you would not want in the picture.
  • Photograph older children and adults from slightly above.
  • Steady yourself and/or camera by leaning against a door, wall, or post and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Also, place your elbows securely against your body to avoid any movement. Placing your camera on a tripod is an added benefit too.

Last but not least ……..



Photography allows you to capture memories that will be preserved forever. Keep on shooting and don’t forget to print and display your work.

Get creative!

Be inspired!


Get ready all your Pinterest fans ……… a new series on 27 & Counting begins tomorrow (November 1)!!!!!!





  1. Another great learning lesson, thanks Nicole and Shirley! I have enjoyed every segment and learned so much. Now to put it into practice . . .

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