Friday Fotos @ Fort Worth Stockyards

My mother and grandmother arrived at our house yesterday evening from Kentucky (14 hour drive) with a truck load of canned goods and a giant, huge, massive, very large cooler filled with frozen cut-off sweet corn, bacon, crowder peas, pork sausage and a host of other goodies.

Husband and I are set for the winter, our pantry is fully stocked and we’re ready to rock!

Whenever my mom is in town, she always enjoys spending some time in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Since this is Neenie’s first trip to Texas, we took her for a visit there too. It has been a beautiful day, perfect for watching the Fort Worth Herd walk down Exchange Avenue and sight-seeing through the Historic Stockyards of Fort Worth. Plus, you can’t go to the Stockyards without having a meal at Cattleman’s Steakhouse (yum!).

I meant to take a photo of Mom and Neenie today, but I royally failed on that task. I didn’t even think about it until AFTER we returned home. Oops. I’ll snap one later. Promise.

Anyway, back to the Stockyards. Check out these photos:

As we waited for the Fort Worth Herd to make their entrance onto Exchange Avenue, this motorcyclist made about three trips around the crowds that were gathering and I couldn’t help but laugh everytime he passed. Amongst the trucks and trailors and men and women on horseback, this dude wanted to showcase his own version of “horsepower” too ….. I thought it was funny. If he had had room on his bike for my bee-hind, I would have asked for a ride. But, I doubt my teeny-tiny-hiney would’ve fit on that rear bumper. Just sayin’.

After the Herd had passed our spot on the sidewalk, Mom, Neenie, and I made our way to Cattleman’s Steakhouse for lunch. We were walking along when Neenie screamed in delight, “Nicole! You have to take a picture of this road sign!” So I did.

Row-day-oh Drive in California has nothing on Roe-dee-oh Plaza in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Yee Haw Y’all!



  1. You have a beautiful blog here. Loved your photography!

    • Thank you so much! I’ve been looking around your blog and these dishes look amazing ….. I’m adding lots of new recipes to my “favorites” list!!!!
      p.s. I have a giveaway post opening tonight, please participate and share the link.

      🙂 Nicole

  2. These are very pretty pictures!! Good job!! I Love everything about Ft Worth Stockyards!!

    • it really IS a great place to visit and especially take out-of-town visitors …… I prefer to go down there on week days when there’s nothing going on, but the Red Stegall Cowboy Gathering started this morning and it was CROWDED! Oh well, still a beautiful place rich in history and tradition, and the weather is perfect. 🙂

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