Tuesday Truths

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a round of Tuesday Truths ….. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Let’s get this truth-sharing party started:

1. It’s so unbelievably awesome to see little green patches of grass growing in our yard. Last night, a couple of small thunderstorms and rain showers passed over our area. It rained hard enough that our satellite TV went out for about 30 minutes …. but the sound was so refreshing to my soul (not to mention our yard) that I didn’t mind.

2. I waste an incredible amount of time and energy on people and relationships that reciprocate nothing in return.

3. I want neighbors who, in times of need (i.e. last Friday night when I realized I was completely out of tea bags and had a caffeine-deprived headache from H-E-double-hockey-sticks), give a darn. Fortunately, two houses nearby are for sale. Please, somebody NICE buy them. Please.

4. Lately, I’ve allowed comparisons to steal my joy.

5. My mother and Neenie (dad’s mother) are coming to visit Husband and I this weekend. I will start cleaning our house today. It’s going to take me a while. This is a good time to clean baseboards, ceiling fans, cabinetry, and take a few bags of unwanted items to the local Goodwill.

6. There are two cutie-patooties at church, ages 3 and 6, who’ve taken a particular liking to me and call me “The Cupcake Lady.” They love that I have a mini-cupcake maker and have named themselves official taste-testers of anything baked and topped with icing. I’m still deciding which flavor creation(s) to bake for the Halloween / Fall Festival / Trunk-or-Treat at church later this month. Afterall, I have junior judges that take their cupcakes seriously. I don’t want to disappoint.

7. I’m becoming more and more addicted to Pinterest. Last week, I had around 250 pins. Right now, I have 667. Don’t judge me.

8. FIDDLE FART ….. don’t know who came up with this word, but I like it. A lot.

Me: Go feed, but come right back. Supper’s ready.

Husband: Alright.

(twenty minutes later)

Me: Stop fiddle-fartin’ outside and come eat before supper gets cold!!!!!

Husband: Oh yeah?! Well you fiddle-fart on Pinterest.

Me: Don’t go there.

9. Two weeks ago, I began leading a six-week DVD series with my Sunday School class. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. I’m still nervous. Sick-to-my-stomach nervous.

10. The forecast for today is sunny and breezy with temps in the low to mid-60s. I’m doing the Happy Dance. I’m really hoping Husband goes to the roping pen tonight for the specific reason that I can wear my hoodie sweatshirt. YEAAAA!!!!!!

Carry on about your day …… and if you feel so inclined to do so, please share a Tuesday Truth (or two, or four, or ten) with the rest of us.

Love ya!



  1. I love these. I’m not so….able to do any Tuesday Truths, but I LOVE these! (I will work on it…one day.)

  2. 1. I am loving this cooler weather!! The only bad thing is it makes me homesick.

    2. I am overwhelmed with all the items on my to-do list.

    3. My mom is coming to visit next weekend too!! YAY!!

    4. I am in desperate need of retail therapy.

    5. I am super excited to start Christmas shopping!! Okay, I’m just really excited for the holiday season in general!

  3. 1.) I waste an incredible amount of time and energy on people and relationships that reciprocate nothing in return.
    2.) I USED to let comparison steal my joy too, but no more. Don’t know when it ended, but it did. So you have hope. Age helps a lot! Be YOU! No one else can be as wonderful a YOU as YOU!
    3.) I’m building myself a craft table and learning to use a mitering saw is …. getting to me. I am currently procrastinating by searching for a unique Aggie gift for a child on Pinterest that I can make.
    4.) I am looking forward to our PhotoShop class coming up soon!
    5.) I am exhausted and still in my pj’s because I woke up at 0230 and got on fb and pinterest. 😦
    6.) My husband and I are getting to go to Hawaii for a wedding that is going to be taking place on our 16th wedding anniversary. :)))))
    7.) My home is in complete disaray. Did I spell that right?
    8.) Miss M and I have been roaming around the farm picking up cow skulls to mosaic for her stock show project. Think I’ll make one for the house too!
    9.) I can’t think of anymore truths! 🙂

    Happy Tuesday!

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