Big Tex ….. what’s the big deal?

As promised, I’m continuing the “Senior Theme” as I traveled to Dallas this morning to meet my in-laws at the State Fair of Texas. I had another fun-tastic day!

Go ahead and call me an idiot (Idiot!) because I set my camera’s ISO setting really high when we were walking around the indoor exhibit halls and forgot to adjust when we walked outside. Sorry, Big Tex, but you’re a little bright. You’re also busty. Just sayin’.

Instead of driving to Dallas and fighting the awful traffic and paying a ridiculous price to park, I drove to Fort Worth, parked at the T&P station, and boarded the TRE rail system. Once in Dallas at the American Airlines Center and Victory Plaza, I boarded a DART train and was dropped off – literally – steps away from the front gate at the fair’s entrance. My round-trip, unlimited “regional” one-day ticket fare was $10.00. It was well worth the money!

Thursday’s are Senior Days at the State Fair of Texas so my in-laws had free admission. My brother-in-law, Chad, and I brought a Coca-Cola bottle and paid just $5.00 admission. It was a great deal for all of us!

There’s an entire BUT-TAH sculpture at the State Fair of Texas. It takes the “artist” several weeks and the artwork is displayed in a refrigerated case for all butter-lovers to stare at.

So, I get the Worst Sister-In-Law Award for not realizing Chad’s birthday was yesterday. To make amends, I said I bought this truck for him. He was happy.

KIDDING!!!! (His expression quickly changed. Hmmph)

As much as I enjoyed today, I think the State Fair of Texas is too large. It’s impossible to see everything in a single day. The four of us walked our fannies off and didn’t cover a fraction of the property. We zipped and zoomed through a few merchant halls, watched a jumping dog show, attended a wild bird exhibition, consumed traditional fair goodies, gasped at new vehicle prices in the auto halls, and browsed through a few galleries of Texas artifacts. It was fun …. and interesting …. but I could spend hours in each exhibit or hall, not to mention the various museums located at Fair Park and the Dallas Aquarium.

I was really sad that Husband was unable to go to the fair today so I took photos of things I thought would interest him. I think this pool table is awesome, not everybody can say they have a pool table made from a vintage Ford Mustang!

While avoiding death by Hover-Rounds at the fair today, we did see some fantastic vintage and classic cars on display. According to the sign, the car above is the Oldest Running Chevy in the World. This fits perfectly into my old(er) theme for the week!

No, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This dog has only three legs. He is also a world-champion canine jumper.

I told Husband that I need an ornate cape such as this to go along with my royal rotten-ness. He gave me the “evil eye” glare.

I can cross “Attend the State Fair of Texas” off my Bucket List. I really enjoyed my trip to Dallas with the in-laws and I was especially pleased with my public transit experience. I spoke to several transit employees and they were all very hospitable and willing to answer my questions. The ten dollars I spent to ride the TRE and DART trains was worth its weight in gold … I will definitely do a public transit trip again. In fact, my mom is planning a trip to Texas soon and she wants to visit a few places in North Dallas. I think I know what our mode of transportation will be!




  1. I actually love taking public transportation places (probably because I hate to drive). I wish I lived somewhere big enough that I could use it everyday.

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