A Day With the Old(er) Folks

How did I ever live my life working a full-time position? I don’t see how I managed to survive? I know I didn’t have THIS much fun. 

Today, I went somewhere I’ve never been…….

There’s a group at my church called the ROMEO’s … it stands for Really Old Men Eating Out. Basically, it’s a group of retired, semi-retired, and occasionally retired men who meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast at a local hotspot and discuss whatever they discuss. I’ve never been to one of their breakfast meetins’ but I’m sure it’s fabulous. Lately, they’ve been planning little “day trips” with their wives and anybody else interested to nearby landmarks and attractions. Last month, they drove to Waco and visited the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. For those of you unfamiliar with Texas History, the Rangers Hall of Fame is NOT for the baseball team. It’s a museum dedicated to the law enforcement agency, the Texas Rangers.

Today’s attraction was the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Our associate pastor, Rev. Clint, attends seminary here. Perkins hosted a special World Communion Celebration today inside its beautiful Chapel and I was so excited to experience and participate in this special celebration. It reminded me so much of Haiti and at times today, I closed my eyes and imagined I was sitting inside that cinder-block church in Thor listening to the Haitian pastor. I really enjoyed today and I’m appreciative of Clint for inviting me along and to the others in our group for putting up with me. They think I’m a little high-strung ….. loud …… exuberant ….. and probably a host of other adjectives. They all seem to like me though.

I was the second youngest attendee on this trip. The youngest was Troy (wearing the baseball cap), a young 19-year-old, who joined us on his day off from work as a professional electrician. If you add my age (27) and Troy’s (19), you’re still 20 years off the median age of a R.O.M.E.O. Nonetheless, we youngin’s enjoyed the trip and the “senior-y”.

After the Chapel service, we enjoyed a lunch with other Perkins students in their cafeteria and meeting space before walking to the Bridwell Library to see a very nice collection of John Wesley texts, journals, photographs, and other artifacts pertinent to Methodism.

John Wesley’s signature on a draft copy of his living will ….. including the red wax seal.

Besides being the Father of Methodism, John Wesley was an avid reader and writer. He was a journal-keeper to the nth-degree. I mean, this guy kept a daily log of his wherabouts, teachings, the whole shebang and then some. Historians have an extensive collection that can trace years of Wesley’s life down to the hour. This guy was serious about recording his life.

One of the texts owned by the Bridwell Library is a FIRST EDITION of Wesley’s Commentary of the New Testament. The photograph above is actually a PROOF TEXT of the first edition commentary with Wesley’s handwritten notes in the margin. Obviously, Wesley and his typography team did not have access to a computer so these kinds of checks were done by hand. A type-setting mistake is seen here as the page number is incorrect. John Wesley, the Father of Methodism, wrote that number two …… COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Our group members were eager to get a closer look at the John Wesley and foundational Methodism texts, commentaries, and artifacts at the Bridwell Library …. it’s not every day that you can get this close to historical documents!!!

Also showcased at Bridwell Library at SMU is a collection of original King James Bibles from the early 1600s …. there is even one signed by King James himself. That’s craziness!

The first page of a King James Version Bible from 1611.

What a fantastic day spent with wonderful people on a beautiful campus and learning a little religious history. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the day I can visit SMU again. I’d love to walk around campus with my camera, it’s a spectacular campus with lots of green space and charming architecture.

Tomorrow, I’m continuing my old(er) folks theme for the week and meeting my in-laws at the State Fair of Texas, also in Dallas. Did I mention Thursday is Senior Day at the Fair? Adults over the age of 60 get FREE fair admission. Of course, I’m not paying full admission price either. I’m taking a 20-oz Coca-Cola product bottle and will pay FIVE DOLLARS to get in. I’m also saving money by using the transit systems in the DFW Metroplex.

I’m getting up early to ride the Trinity Rail Express (TRE) from Downtown Fort Worth to the American Airlines Center in Downtown Dallas where I will hop onto a DART railcar and head to Fair Park. My regional day pass will cost me a whopping TEN BUCKS ….. not to mention the ease of no Dallas traffic, no lane closures on highways, and no parking at the fair for $15.00 a vehicle! 

I’ll let you know how my first State Fair of Texas experience is tomorrow. I’m hoping at least one corn dog vendor uses water instead of milk in their batter. Nothing says fair like a corn dog and lemon shakeup. I don’t really give a hill of beans about the fried butter, fried Oreos, and all that other gross nonsense. Just give me a corney-doggy and leave me alone.

G’night y’all!!!!





  1. Field trips with seniors are the best. I have been on trips with a few of the groups my Mom has joined. I have found the seniors to be intersted and engaged and often can add their own personal account of events related to exhibitis and displays; bringing to life the subject matter.

    Thanks for the lovely post and continue to explore!!

    • Thanks for visiting, this trip was fantastic on so many levels. I look forward to the next one! You’re correct, the “wiser” among us have so much to share.


  2. Sounds like you really keep busy, and you are a wealth of information… Would love to be with you at that State Fair today.. My favorite thing at the fairs are the CORN DOGS… they just taste really yummy!!!!!… love reading your blog, Nicole.. you are a fantastic writter, I feel like i’m right beside you… keep up the good work…
    big hug

    • Thank you for the sweet comments Wilma!!!!! The State Fair of Texas is just like any other fair but multiplied a thousand times in size ….. same crowds (though going on “Senior Day” sure helped!), same useless CRAP in exhibit halls people are trying to sell, same overpriced food (the corn dog was deee-lish though!), and same pony trick shows. Thank goodness I had a coupon for $5.00 admission, regular price is $18 and that’s ridiculous. The corndog set me back $6.00 and a lemon shake-up was $5.00. I’ve had enough state fair to last me another ten years. At least I saw some folks from Kentucky, that was nice. haha!

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