Sunday: A Day to Catch-Up

If it seems like I’ve been M.I.A., you’re right. I’ve missed y’all!

Sunday is a day of rest, so I’ll sit on the couch, watch football, and write this catch-up post. A lot has happened in a short period of time …. plus, there’s lots more coming up!

1. While watching the national news (I prefer NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams) one night, I realized that the birth control pills I take were involved in a national recall due to incorrect packaging. Well isn’t that just wonderful. Thankfully, I called the company that provides my prescription medications and spoke to a sweet old lady that explained the five packs I had in my possession were A-OK. Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus.

2. A week before I left for Kentucky, I received my first-ever Jury Summons. Excited does not even describe my emotion, I’m such a goofball!

3. Husband discovered a water leak in the yard between the house and the barn. Three days later it was fixed. I don’t even want to count the number of times we visited the local Home Dee-Pot. They know us on a first-name basis now.

4. I hosted a book club introduction luncheon and ten, yes TEN, ladies attended. It was great fun and the ladies are all wonderful and very excited to read and discuss books.

5. I went to Kentucky.

6. Nana (that’s my mom’s mom) fell and broke (fractured?) her shoulder in three places. At first, the doctors thought her injuries would require surgery, but they changed their minds and sent her home with a sling and pain meds. She’s as comfortable as an 80-year-old blind woman who can’t sit still for two seconds can get. Crazy woman. I’m giving her bubble wrap for Christmas. I love you, Nana!

7. I personally congratulated the new couple, Mr. & Mrs. Steele …. their wedding and reception were just wonderful and beautifully decorated. I’m so glad to have attended the joyous celebration of two wonderful people who are going to have lots of babies. I told them to practice on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!!!!!

8. Fall is my favorite time of year in Kentucky. The hot and humid days of summer are over and autumn is approaching with its beautiful colors and cool, crisp air. It’s also the busiest time of year for farmers. That means, if I want to see my loved ones I have to be willing to get in their environment. So, I went to the farm and captured fall in a whole new perspective.

9. The day before I returned to Texas, I received an email explaining my civic duty of serving on a jury had been cancelled. I’m still bummed about this.

10. The morning after I returned, Husband and I discovered our kitchen floor was flooded from a broken water/ice dispenser on the refrigerator. A few hours later, Husband purchased a new one. For a moment, I felt like a professional chef with two fridges and two freezers. Then I realized the ridiculous scene in my kitchen. Plus, the stainless front is not magnetic and this is the first time in my entire life the front of the fridge is not covered in pictures, mementos, and magnets from various cities. Sad. So very sad.

Gourmet Kitchen ..... Redneck Style!!!!

On a positive note, if you’re nearby and interested in a fridge that’s in perfectly working condition (except for the water/ice dispenser), send me a message …. I’ll make you a super-duper deal!!!

11. Went to book club’s first “official” gathering where we discussed The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It was a loverly day!

Geeesh, I’m tired just thinking of all that I’ve done in a short period of time. But, alas, there’s more planned…..

I need to work (substitute teaching) more often ….. I’m draining my bank account. Quickly. That’s not a good thing. Fortunately, I’m meeting with a local middle school social studies teacher who’s pregnant and she’s asked me to be the long-term substitute during her absence. That’s a very good thing.

Later this week I’m going with a group of retired men (and some women) to Perkins School of Theology on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas for a tour of the Wesley Foundation and Museum. I love history, I love the United Methodist Church, and I love old men ….. this “field trip” is going to be a blast!

There’s a slim possibility that I will go to the State Fair of Texas for the first time this week too. I’ve never been to this “world wonder” so it should be fun. Of course, the day we’re planning to go is also Senior Citizens Day …. the old folks get in cheap, Husband found me a discounted ticket, and the crowds won’t be insane.

I’ve also been invited to a young adult conference, sponsored by the United Methodist Church and the Central Texas Conference, to Austin later this month. I don’t turn down an opportunity to visit Austin, it’s the closest thing I’ve found in Texas that reminds me of Kentucky. I’ll have to make sure my standing reservation at Kimberly and Sabbath’s Bed & No Breakfast is available!

I think that’s all for now. Plus, I need to peel myself off this couch and fold the clothes in the dryer. I also need to clean the shelves inside the old fridge and get ready to sell it. Seriously, if you need a fridge let me know!





  1. Glad you are back! I’m wiped out just reading this post.
    I must tell you, I am COMPLETELY worthless today!! Have a great week and glad you’re getting to work some! 🙂

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