Mr. & Mrs. Steele

In a small country church,


a bride and groom promised to love and cherish one another all the days of their lives.


Then, the bride sang and said he was her destiny, more than she could have ever dreamed.


It’s official with the kiss!


The preacher finally shouted, “I’m proud to present for the very first time, Mr. and Mrs. Steele!”


The newlyweds danced as husband and wife.

The bride danced with her father…

…then the music changed and they cut-a-rug!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the happiest mother-of-the-bride I’ve ever seen…


And finally I say,


I love you both so much and I’m grateful to call you family. Have a wonderful honeymoon and remember what I told you!




  1. Great post, Nicole! Congrats Lindsey & Josh!!

  2. The pictures look gorgeous! I think that when one of them sings at a wedding it is the most adorable action in the world. I went to a wedding where he played the guitar and sang for her. It was romantic(:


  1. […] The Diamond E is super talented. Visit her Etsy store here. I asked Jan for a unique gift for the Steele wedding and she surpassed all my expectations with this custom decorative tile and a set of tile coasters […]

  2. […] I personally congratulated the new couple, Mr. & Mrs. Steele …. their wedding and reception were just wonderful and beautifully decorated. I’m so […]

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