A Touch of Sun

I Heart Faces has posted another weekly theme and I’m glad to participate and be a part of this community of photographers. I don’t consider myself a photographer, I’m not that talented. I’m continuously amazed by (and envious of) the wonderful photographs submitted week after week. I’m nowhere near the caliber of most participants, but I’m not giving up.

This week’s theme is A Touch of Sun. The photo below was taken with my Nikon D5000 the day it arrived on my doorstep. I literally opened the box, attached a lens, and drove to the roping pen (in that order!) to watch Husband do his thing. Fortunately, the sun was hovering above a line of trees and provided a golden glow amongst the cattle, horses, ropers, and spectactors. I ~ surprisingly ~ captured a few decent shots.

Husband gave me permission and authorization to use this photo. But it wasn’t an easy task. I asked, he said no. I begged. He gave in. Success!



Husband’s expression doesn’t change much when he’s roping, he looks angry all the time …. don’t be skeered, he’s harmless.


Thanks for viewing my weekly IHF submittal, be sure to check out their other photography posts.


And, while you’re here, hop on over to the  CURRENT GIVEAWAY post for a set of custom die-cut cards provided by UPrinting.com.

Contest ends September 23.

Please leave giveaway entry comments on the giveaway post, it makes life so much easier for all involved. Oh, and multiple entries are allowed on this one ….. good luck!


Peace, love, and sunshine,



  1. What a lovely and talented picture! Your hubby is awfully hunky, by the way. Sheesh.

  2. Great shot, Nicole! I love the coloring!

  3. Your hubby looks like a man deep in concentration. a nice face though, even if it does look a wee bit grumpy

  4. I also follow you on FB 🙂

  5. I already follow you on twitter.

  6. Love it! My hubby loves to ride and rope too.

    • Mindy, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog and your photographs (and family) are stunning – wow, what talent you have!

      I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor.


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