Not-So-Wordless Wednesday ~ dreadful drought

I realize it’s Wednesday and I’m supposed to keep quiet for “Wordless Wednesday” but this is my blog and I’m changin’ the rules.

In case you live under a rock and haven’t seen or heard of the drought in Texas, let me show you our yard. Here it is, in all its dreadful, dead, and depressing glory:

Wow, that’s one ugly picture. This won’t be winning any photography contest anytime soon. I didn’t bother trying to “fix” this scene in Photoshop, what’s the point? It is what it is. Not only is our yard doo-doo brown because of the drought, but the “cloud” or haze you see is dust from a natural gas rig behind our house. The not-so-pleasant company decided to remove a 30-foot-tall barrier wall when we specifically requested that it remain in place. Now, when tanker trucks and large pieces of equipment arrive at the site, and a north or northeast wind is blowing, all the white gravel dust is blown onto our property.

For the record: we purchased this property BEFORE the rig and all of its “baggage” arrived. If we had known about it, well, nevermind. Long story.

Back to our doo-doo brown yard.

This picture illustrates the harsh, dangerous, and deadly reality in Texas right now. We’ve been very fortunate in the area we live. Unfortunately, almost four million – FOUR MILLION – acres of land and 2,500 homes and businesses have burned in wildfires across the State of Texas in 2011. 

On a much, MUCH lighter note ….. notice the bright green patch of grass?

Yeah, that’s a water leak. If it were up to me, I’d leave it alone. It’s nice to see a little green in one’s doo-doo brown world!

My most intelligent and honorable Husband confirmed our suspicions when he dug around the grass and found a leaky section of PVC water pipe. We know it’s a very small leak because our water bill has not increased, but a leak is a leak and should be fixed.

I offered to assist Husband in this endeavor by showcasing my incredible trench-digging abilities developed in Haiti. He wasn’t as enthusiastic or impressed as my Haitian co-workers. In fact, Husband responded with an eye roll, “yeah, whatever,” and a heavy sigh. If it wasn’t four-thousand-degrees outside, I’d start digging while he was at work.

Alright, carry on about your Wednesday.

Peace, love, and pray for rain,



  1. Yikes! no dryness up here in MI… frost is coming already 😦

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