Happy Grandparents Day!!!

This Sunday, September 11 is Grandparents’ Day (celebrated on the second Sunday in September). I realize this honorary post is a bit premature, but I have big plans for a 9/11 tribute and I want to give my lovely grandmothers the recognition they deserve.

So, let me introduce you to Nana and Neenie. These women are the beez-kneez. They are all that … and then some. They are charming and delightful, sinfully sweet, and oh-so-gracious and kind. They are hard-workin’, straight-shootin’ Southern Belles from the Bluegrass fields of Kentucky. One is even named after the Queen!


Nicole with Nana & Neenie on her wedding day ~ March 31, 2007


On the left wearing the gaw-geous aqua blue vee-neck tailored jacket is Rose, but she prefers to be called Nana. And, on the right, adorning a beee-u-tee-ful string of freshwater pearls and purple-embroidered suit is the one and only Queenie, otherwise known as Neenie. Nana and Neenie are the BEST grandmothers a granddaughter could ever want.

In order to satisfy all disclosures, I am the ONLY granddaughter belonging to these wonderful and witty women! Yep, I am a lucky girl. If you think I’m spoiled, you’re right. But just a little bit. I don’t want to damage my delicate ego.

There’s so much I could say about each of these ladies, but I’ll share a funny story about each of them:


When I was a very young girl, Neenie and Papaw (my father’s parents) lived on the family farm outside the city limits of Sebree, Kentucky. Neenie had lots of shoes, drawers full of makeup, and a particular box of jewelry that I loved to peruse and adorm my sweet self to the point of bedazzlement. As if I weren’t sparkly enough!

Neenie had a particular diamond ring that she wore on her left finger beside her wedding band. Now, it wasn’t just a ring, it was a DIAMOND ring. I made those letters big ‘cuz the stone is BIG. Miss Priss (that would be me) decided she’d take The Ring home with her. So, without a word, when Mom picked me up at the farm, she took me and The Ring with her.

The next day, Mom dropped me off at Lollipop Campus, a daycare and preschool center. I took The Ring with me. I showed it off to all my friends and decided The Ring was worthy of being shared with my friend, Aimee. So, Aimee took it home with her that afternoon. Later that evening, my mother received a phone call from Aimee’s mother about a particular piece of jewelry seemingly out of place for a four-year-old to be wearing.

“Charlotte, are you missing any jewelry? Aimee has a beautiful ring that she says Nicole gave to her at school today.”

“Nope, not mine!” my mother replied. And a few minutes later the conversation ended.

Less than 10 minutes pass when the phone rings again. It’s Neenie and she has a calm, but concerned tone and is looking for a misplaced piece of jewelry.

“Charlotte, I went to put my jewelry on today and I can’t find a couple of pieces, including my diamond ring. I know Nicole was playing with them yesterday, did she by any chance bring them home?”


Fast forward about an hour and The Ring was promptly picked up from Aimee’s house and returned to Neenie without damage or harm.

As it goes in family heirlooms, my Father currently has possession of The Ring ~ only he removed the stone from its original setting to create a beautiful pendant necklace. One of these days ~ when I am mature enough to keep precious belongings in my own possession ~ I hope my father entrusts me enough to pass along this treasure. That’s the plan anyway … I’ll let you know if it works in my favor!


People, this is a true story … you can’t make this stuff up! It’s only by the grace of God that I’m alive to tell this story, and Aimee’s honest mother. I was a young soul at the time, but I was a-singin’ the Hallejuah chorus that night when The Ring was returned to Neenie!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not many stories can top the one above, but Nana and I share a bond like none other. I don’t just consider her my grandmother, she’s the Matriarch and the sparkle to our family gatherings. Earlier this year, for her 80th birthday, I sent her a card with “80 Things I Love About My Nana.” Inside were lots of tid-bits and tiny treasures, specific memories, and memorable moments of the times we’ve shared. They don’t mean diddly-squat to anyone else, but to Nana and I they mean the world. I’ll share a few from her card …. which she had framed and showcases in the home she shares with my Aunt Georgia!

    • Nana says “bread-n-butter” when walking around something … and I don’t know why!
    • Nana loves my husband
    • Nana drinks Bourbon
    • Nana is a Christian role model of love and acceptance
    • Nana let me use her Chevron credit card
    • Nana took me to Disney World and the beach for the first time
    • Nana likes fine dining … and passed this trait on to me!
    • When making chicken noodle soup for my uncle, instead of adding a few drops of yellow food coloring, Nana used green ~ but it still tasted good
    • Nana calls me Princess
    • … and she says my “toots” smell like roses


So, there you have it. A small tribute to two wonderful and witty women who have blessed me beyond measure and I love them more than words can describe. Fortunately, I get to see both of them later this month.


I love you Nana!


I love you Neenie!


Peace, love, and grandparents,





Please leave me a comment … I’d love to hear about your grandparents too!



  1. Nicole.. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting only one of your grandmothers (Queenie) and she is by far one special lady.. would love to meet Nana, but know she must be very special also.. thanks for the special tribute to two special women in your life.. love reading about them…
    love ya

  2. I just read this to Nana and she said your message warmed her heart and she loves you very much. Nana said she loves to think about all the special times she spent with you. She misses you so much and can’t wait to see you! Nana said, “Nicole will always be my special princess.”


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