It’s a tough life…


Say hello to our house guest, Sabbath.

She’s been here since Thursday morning when her mother, and my best friend, Kimberly, dropped her off for the weekend. Within five minutes, Sabbath had confirmed the placement of her litter box and food bowls, located a few dust bunnies in the entryway (totally my fault) and comfortably perched herself atop the couch, ottoman, or the window sill.


Sabbath might have used one of her nine lives early this morning when she was sitting on the window sill and fell off. Fortunately, she landed on the ottoman. I found her later under our bed and she stayed there about an hour.

I’ve gotten my camera out a couple of times and she either gives me an evil one-eyed glare or physcially moves so her butt is pointed toward the lens. She obviously doesn’t want to be disturbed.


Evil Glare!

In the feline world, this has to be the Hilton!


What a tough life!



Sabbath decided she’d try out the comfort of the Persian rug … I guess she approved.

Note to self: vacuum ASAP!


(whispering to not disturb the Queen)


Happy Saturday, Y’all


Peace, love, and kitty kats,





p.s. I’ll be glad to accept applications for future pet-sitting jobs … although Blue is seriously irritated with these small, more compact four-legged beings invading his space. He just doesn’t understand why he doesn’t qualify as Snuggle Material. Poor guy.



  1. I’ve been searching in bing for some ideas and accidentally found this blog. Thank you for sharing your talent and useful information with us. You are a bright light!

  2. What a beautiful furry baby you have there! I have one myself, although she’s a bit older and not quite so furry – well pampered all the same! 🙂

    Stopping by from Sunday Hop and glad to have found your blog! Looking forward to more reading in the future.

    Now following via Twitter and email subscription. Stop by if you can,

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! The visiting furry baby is currently on a fuzzy blanket atop the couch next to me …. spoiled rotten! hahaha

      Have a great weekend, I’ve subscribed to your blog too!

  3. What a cutie pie reminds me of our little kitty….great pics

  4. love the kitty. . .and the horse. Beautiful photos

  5. Beautiful kitty and even more beautiful horse 🙂 Horses and cats are two of my favorite things. Looks like you’re fulfilling your pet-sitting obligations well. That seems like one happy cat!

    Stopping by from the Say Hi Sunday hop! Have a great weekend!

  6. Purr-fect Nicole, love the puss, but you tell Blue that if I could I would come and cuddle him everyday..beautiful handsome fellow

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