Weekly Photo Challenge ~ PATH

It’s Friday and that means another photo theme from WordPress.

Update: I retract all of my references to CHODE as it related to WordPress as the really smart computer people have repaired the issues associated with adding and editing links. Thank you, whomever you really smart computer people are. You rock my socks. Thank you.

Anyway, my PATH photos are below and you can The Daily Post  to see photos from other bloggers.



Nothing like a Kentucky sunset over fields of corn.


My parents riding their primary form of transportation around the homestead, garden, and visiting neighbors … a Kawasaki Mule.


My favorite: when’s the last time you looked down the “path” of a high-powered sniper target rifle?!


Happy Friday, Y’all …


Peace, love, and big guns,



  1. Kentucky must be a Gemini because it so easily accommodates serene sunsets and stress inducing sniper target rifles 🙂

  2. I looovvee the first shot. the color and the sun is so gorgeous

  3. Nice selection of shots. Only a low powered air-rifle for me I’m afraid 😉 Nice sunset.

  4. a variety of images, perfect for the challenge. it has been said a few times already, but that first one is especially striking! thanks for sharing.

  5. The first is breathtaking. A stunning photo.

  6. The first picture simply takes my breath away, the third one did the same thing, only I kind of got scared a bit when a saw the sniper. Overall, great photos and we got to see your cool parents.

  7. I love the sunset pic and I am intrigued by the idea of the path using a rifle… great idea.

  8. All nice images, but the sunset shot is spectacular.

  9. Great photos. Love them!

  10. All great shots – but I love the first one – the colours are amazing

  11. Gorgeous photos and beautiful places.
    PS. We’re being nice to you cos you have big guns! lol
    Please don’t call me a chode 😛

  12. lovely post.
    Innovative shots.


  13. That first one jumped out and assaulted me with its beauty…

  14. i love that first image – so lovely a sunset!

  15. Very Good Nicole,, not only lovely paths but lovely scenery too

  16. Nicole, these are some seriously amazing pictures! I love the scenery in every one of them. I still have to work on my pictures for this theme, hopefully i’ll have them up this weekend(:


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