Boobs & Muscles

A woman walks into a feed store and tells the cashier she needs two sacks of 12-3 pellet horse feed.

Cashier takes the woman’s money, provides a receipt, and says, “One of the guys will load it.”

Woman replies, “That’s fine.”

Meanwhile, two men are flappin’ their jaws and talking to the employee who’s supposed to load feed sacks into customers’ vehicles. Said woman notices this conversation is not going to end anytime soon and takes matters into her own hands. Rather, her shoulders. LITERALLY! She heeve-ho-let’s-go and places TWO 50-lb sacks on her shoulder, glides past the men, and puts the sacks into the bed of her truck.

Woman waves and smiles real big, then makes that Cummins Diesel whistle as she pulls out of the parking lot.


See ya later, boys!


And all y’all thought I was just sweet and innocent.

tee hee hee

Peace, love, and having boobs to go with my muscles,



  1. Looove it! This is amazing!! So something I would do, too… Hahahaha! Way to go, Nicole! Show them how it’s done!!

  2. you show em girl…use to do it back in the good ole days with hog feed..just proves you do what you have to do.

  3. You are all that girlfriend! I could not/ would not do that…at 56 I have to always be thinking about my back! Be careful!

  4. Great stuff Nicole, well done, that showed ’em

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