Three Truths Tuesday

Because I’m honest…..

Because I’m bored…..

Because I’m sometimes the weird, goofy, and silly one……

Here’s my heartfelt attempt at sharing three truth with you each week and my hope is that lots of you will leave truths about yourself.

C’mon, don’t roll your eyes at me. It’ll be fun!!!!

Welcome to the first edition of Three Truths Tuesday.



Every Tuesday, I’ll post three truths about myself. Then, you leave a comment with three truths about yourself.

I promise to keep the material clean enough for my Mother to keep me in her will…..I’m an only child, so my chances are pretty good! Besides, I love it when she calls and says, “Nicole Marie, I can’t believe you put that on your blog!” It makes me laugh. It makes me smile. It makes me want to tell more stuff!


Let’s get started, here are my Three Truths:

  1. I’m not always Polly Positive. My feelings get hurt really easily.
  2. I can harvest corn, green beans, peppers, tomatoes and a whole host of other produce but I am unable to plant tobacco. To me, it’s one of those pat-your-head-and-rub-your-belly acts. I can’t do it. I’ve tried….and failed (miserably) many times!
  3. I dream of doing something incredible ~ something people will remember.


Now, it’s YOUR turn!!!!!!!

Leave a comment with Three Truths about YOURSELF.


Peace, love, and Tuesday Truths,



  1. 1. No matter how far (both literally and methaphorically) I get away from my ex-husband, he has done such a number on my soul, I know he has damaged a precious part of me and ruined it for every other human I come in contact with.
    2. I make fantastic guacamole, thanks to a friend who taught me when we were 13. She’s still a friend of mine and as fantastic as the guacamole.
    3. I am not a friendly person at all. I’d rather not speak to anyone than speak to a stranger. BUT if people take time to get to know me, I am one of the nicest (however, blunt) people you will know. But, if you need a sugar-coater, I’m not your gal…

  2. Love this!
    1. I’m not always the pillar of strength I project myself to be.
    2. I cry at almost every movie I see.
    3. I want to be that one person people think back to and remember because I touched their lives in a positive way.

  3. Jennifer Higgins says:

    Here goes:

    1. I can’t swim and now I am too old to learn
    2. I have hearing loss in both ears. However, the left side is worth. If I don’t answer you or ask you to repeat things, move to my right side. If I don’t answer you then, I am just not paying attention.
    3. I love to cook but hate to clean my messes.That is why I had kids. I’m just joking

  4. Gosh…l.
    I have a good memory for things people tell me about themselves. Not a good thing when someone tells you a fib….
    I secretly love being home without the kids and husband. I love them but I need a break from time to time.
    I dream all day of being a writer. I am realistic….I am not Martha Stewart……

  5. OK…I love this.
    1. often when people talk to me I just smile and nob…I am not really listening. I am off in a far away cooking land where I am Isabelle the new Martha
    2. I love that I have daughters, I would have been miserable having boys
    3. I love that my husband is a fire fighter and that he is gone every 3rd day for 24 hours. We have a great relationship but I love that 24 hours of me & the girls time.

    • I do the “smile and nod” ALLLLLLLLL the time. Especially when Husband is talking about blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Yeah, sure honey!

      Seriously, this is the best therapy I’ve ever seen……..sure it’s not as tasty as a bottle of wine, but it’s FREE!!!!

  6. “Truths in Spirit of Avoiding Housework”
    1. I AM MESSY! I regularly engage in “panic-stricken-clean-ups” when there is the potential someone might drop by.
    2. I LIE ABOUT IT! I will lie to keep my “neat friends” from seeing the messiness. ( I, ashamedly, wouldn’t even let a n.f. come to my house to get a spare set of keys when my 3yr old son locked himself in the car at church~by the Grace of God, he unlocked it w/in minutes, but I woulda broken that window)
    3. I COVER THE PROBLEM W/A BANDAID! I watch “Hoarders” and feel better about myself and have an obession with organizers…which lie empty…in a messy pile :):):)

    KX, I have issues!!!

    • Oh My Gosh!! That is hysterical! Isn’t it funny how we think we are the only ones…this is SO ME!!
      My friends all think I am so neat…and I AM as soon as I know someone is coming over. I hate to be surpised. One time I had friends coming over for lunch and I was a quivering mess of goop trying to get the WHOLE house clean b/c it never fails…they want to scope out the house. They were here and I realized I hadn’t emptied the trash in the guest bathroom. I got sweaty thinking about it! I could not even concentrate for fear they would have to go to the bathroom. They wouldn’t have cared and I know it, but I couldn’t handle it!
      Thanks for the mini support group!

    • Once in a blue moon I have the “Housecleaning Fairy” drop by and I left her an apology note on the counter once. It was THAT bad!!!!!!!!!!!

      Who needs therapy when you have Tuesday Truths?!?!?!

      I love all y’all. 🙂

  7. So fun! here we go..
    1. I sleep with a blanket. Yes it is true, I have a blankie. It’s the not the fact that I have to have it, I like to have something bunched up against my chest. I have been known to use a sweatshirt in it’s place if I’m not at home.
    2. I drive way too fast 80% of the time. I should have been a race car driver. Vrroom Vrroom!
    3. I watch mindless garbage during the day when I have free time. Kardashians, Teen Mom, Jerseylicious. It’s a secret though, so don’t go telling everyone! 😛

    • LOVE THIS!!!!
      Fnkybee, I seriously think we are twins separated at birth. Only I’m really tall and really fat. But we’re related….somehow. I couldn’t agree more with your three truths!!!!

      p.s. your secrets are safe with me 🙂

  8. Oh, I love this airing session. It frees me up a little…here goes.
    1.) Despite the fact that people think I’m skinny, I have cellulite on my butt! And lots of it. And it jiggles. 🙂 There I said it!
    2.) I know Tae Kwon Do.
    3.) It’s very difficult to offend me. I hate to be ugly but I just don’t care what people think. Therefore, I will be trying to “toughen you up”.

    Thanks Nicole! I feel better already.

  9. ok, here goes, lol
    1. I’m afraid of the dark. Think it stems from when I was little girl, (about 5 or 6) was up town (big town of Dixon) at movie outside of Courthouse, when a bunch of kids pulled me into the dark… memory is still with me..
    2. I love to make people laugh..
    3. not in love with cooking, even if i am a southern girl…. maybe because i’ve been doing it since i was 13 years old

    ok, my secrets are out, lol… have a good one Nicole

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