I Heart Faces ~ PETS

His name is Blue.

But he’s white.

He’s handsome. Weighs 1,100 lbs. Very photogenic. Spoiled rotten and a camera-hog.

But he’s my spoiled rotten, handsome, 1,100-pound, photogenic, camera hog.

Husband hates when I feed Blue the apple-flavored horse treats my Mother sends throughout the year for her “grand-horse”, but I ignore the rants. What he doesn’t know about the daily routine Blue and I share won’t hurt him. hahahaha!!!!!!

Many of you have already asked about Blue’s name, here’s the story:

Husband has known this horse since he was a colt born at a friend’s place in East Texas. Husband got started in team-roping because of this guy. Anyway, when Blue was born, he was dark gray. When the horse would perspire or get wet, he looked dark blue. So, Original Owner named this horse Blue. Good idea!

Blue has a really fancy ~ and official ~ AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) name on his papers but I don’t remember what it is. And, I’m too lazy to go dig around Husband’s stuff to find out. Besides, Blue wouldn’t answer to that silly name anyway!

As Blue got older, his hair “bleached” in the sun. Blue has black skin and white hair with lots of red freckles. Genetics are a funny thing, aren’t they?! When Husband purchased this horse from Original Owner and transferred ownership on Blue’s AQHA registration, we had to re-submit paperwork from the vet’s office with past and current pictures of Blue’s brand (markings) to confirm this was the same horse.

I’m serious when I say this horse likes the spotlight. He LOVES having his picture made!!!!!!


So, there you have it. The horse in our pasture likes to be a show-off. He does it quite well.

Last tid-bit on Blue: besides enjoying apple-flavored treats, he LOVES Kellogg’s Frosted Strawberry Pop Tarts. He’ll eat the Frosted Brown Sugar and Cinnamon ones, but strawberry is his favorite.


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  1. what a great story! Love the picture too! I love horses! Although I would probably be a bit scared around them, but I would love to get comfortable and learn about these beauties!

    • awww Tara, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! If you ever get a chance to be around horses, take the opportunity. They are wonderful, beautiful, soul-full creatures. Not to mention easy to love and spoil!

  2. Great photo of Blue! I enjoyed his story too! I have always had a soft spot for grey and white horses, we used to have a mare named Dotty because she was dappled grey but as she aged the whiter she got. She was 100% white by the time she was a “senior”, but still pretty as ever.

    • My mother has that same “soft spot” for grays as she ALWAYS puts her money on them if they’re running in the Kentucky Derby. Of course, that technique worked in 1997 when “Silver Charm” won the race!!!!! Nowadays, she sends Blue (her only grand-horse) treats. It results in a growl from Husband and he says, “ughh, your mother!” hahahahahahaha

  3. Beautiful and regal! 🙂

  4. Beautiful and regal. 🙂

  5. Oh…my…goodness!!! He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Love the horse. Blue is very pretty 🙂

  7. Aww I just love horsies!

  8. Blue is beautiful, no matter the origins behind the name. I love horses and the bond that you can forge…but I agree, not quite the same as a kitten or dog curled up on your feet on a cold December evening. 😉

  9. I was going to ask his name but I guess it is Blue.
    What a fine , handsome fellow he is and no wonder you spoil him. I have two donkeys Maya and Daisy and they get spoilt too….isn’t that what pets are for?

    Great picture and I love it in black/white great stuff

    • Thanks for visiting! Yes, Blue is his name (I”ve added an explanation to the post, check it out!) and he’s one spoiled horse. I grew up with cats and dogs and I’ve been BEGGING with Husband to get me one or the other, or both, for eight years….I’m still cat-less and I’m still dog-less. One of these days, I swear!

      Our neighbor has several donkeys and they’ll come right up to the fence and let you scratch their ears and noses. The babies are so cute when they’re tiny, their furry balls on hoof! They’re cute until they start “yee-yawing” at all hours of the night. NOT FUN!

  10. if i had a horse, i’m sure i’d spoil him rotten too!

  11. What a beautiful horse. Love the name.

  12. Great capture of a beautiful animal!

  13. Great shot! Love Blue 🙂

  14. Beautiful Horse and quite the poser may I add.
    Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog ~ I’m a “newbie” to I Heart Faces but I am loving the photo themes. This is great fun. I’ve oohh’d and awww’d over every PET photo I’ve seen already.

  15. Blue is gorgeous Nicole – and he probably knows it too!

    • He TOTALLY knows he’s gorgeous!!!!!!!! I was in the barn yesterday trying to take pictures of a spider and Blue had to “peruse” himself into the barn for his own photo-op. Stinker!!!

  16. He is very handsome!

  17. He’s beautiful!! Great shot of him!!


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