World Peace… piece at a time

Attention dieters and calorie-counters, you will be offended by this recipe. Pants with elastic waistbands are highly recommended.

I’m convinced this chicken fried steak with gravy would bring peace to the world. If the crunchy, battered tenderized steak didn’t encourage people to be nice to each other, the thick and creamy gravy would surely change their attitudes. It changed my Husband’s.


You know those little crunchy bits you get when you fry something? Well, I took a big handful and added them to the cream gravy. Yeah, I’m livin’ on the edge. Mmmmm mmmmm gooooooooood.

Sorry, I was having a personal moment with myself.

Moving on!

Back to Husband’s change in attitude tonight…

Husband’s been irritated and frustrated all day while trying to find tires to fit one of the trailers parked behind our house. Currently, there are three ~ a horse trailer, a bumper-pull trailor, and a gooseneck trailor. He blew two tires last weekend coming home from an auction and it’s been tougher-than-nails to find two additional tires that match the new ones. He began this “scavenger hunt” EARLY this morning. Seven hours later, plus several trips to multiple retail locations bearing the same name, he found the tires.

Praise the Lord, the tires will be here Monday.

All was fine-and-dandy in Husbandville until I heard growling words. I peaked my head outside and quickly ducked back in. Minutes later, Husband appeared to share his bad news.

While re-attaching a new tire to the trailer, he stripped the thread on a nut and bent a bolt. That’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s going to require ANOTHER trip to an auto or hardware store for a new nut and bolt.

I know what you’re thinking – – “Wow, this girl really knows what she’s talking about!” Keep telling yourself that. I won’t stop you.

Anyway……..I tell you all of this because as soon as Mister Frustrated entered the kitchen and smelled battered meat fryin’ in the iron skillet, his attitude quickly changed and he was quite pleasant. He even poured a glass of sweet tea for me. Bless his heart. 

World Peace Chicken Fried Steak

Start with a couple of pounds of tenderized steak cut into large pieces. I used two large steaks and cut into 12 pieces. Husband and I enjoy leftovers, but you can adjust the quantities to suit your needs.

In a large bowl, combine eggs, milk, and seasonings. I use a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. In another bowl, combine add a good amount of Bisquick (or plain flour) and a healthy dose of more seasonings. In an assembly-line fashion, dredge the meat into the flour mixture, then the egg mixture, and return for another coating of flour.

Heat a large iron skillet over medium heat and pour in enough oil to completely cover the bottom.

When the oil is hot, add 2-3 pieces of steak, depending on their size. Don’t crowd the pan, this meat deserves respect and you’ll appreciate the crunchiness.

Cook for 3-4 minutes, then flip. The steaks are done when golden brown.

Served with mashed/smashed/smooshed/baked/fried/whatever-you-like potatoes and gravy, this fried steak will promote peace in the world…….one piece at a time.

Oh, and would you believe this recipe is completely, totally, unequivalocally, 100-percent dairy-free. That means, no milk, no butter, no cream, no nothing from a cow. Well, except the meat, of course. I might have an allergy to cow’s milk, but I’ll still eat the cow!

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Peace, love, and fried steak,



  1. I am a very long time watcher and I just thought I’d stop by and say hello for that 1st time. I actually appreciate your posts. Cheers

  2. Nicole, I have to tell you I laughed out loud when reading this post! Thanks so much for adding it to the Country Cooks Across America Pot Luck! Fabulous! I “stumbled it” too! I loved it THAT much!

    Thanks again
    Laurie @ Food is Love

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