Top 10 Reasons I’m Happy

Reason #10 I’m Happy:

Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is also an “off” Friday for Husband.

Whoop – Whoop!

Not that we have anything planned, but it’s nice to hang out and three-day weekends totally rock.

Reason #9 I’m Happy:

I’m going back to Kentucky in September.

Photo from Rachel Mathew Photography

My cousin, Lindsey, is getting married to Josh. They are an adorable couple. Josh is a genuinely GOOD guy and he fits right in with our crazy family. Josh has made it clear for many years the reason why he LOVES me so much………my family’s secret recipe barbeque sauce. This almost-seven-foot-tall Good Guy literally drinks the stuff with a straw.

On September 24, I will present Josh with several gallons of the liquid gold.

He will love me even more than he already does.


Reason #8 I’m Happy:

The Hooter Hider

Right now, my evil, immature, and sarcastic twin is laughing out loud.

Until today, I had never heard of a Hooter Hider. Thanks to B, a childhood friend of mine, she introduced me this baby-necessity. For the record ~ again ~ I’m not pregnant. But I still want a Hooter Hider!!!

Reason #7 I’m Happy:

I know my Mother is reading this in horror. I bet she’s giving me the dreadful Mother Eye Roll.

It’s totally worth it!

Reason #6 I’m Happy:

Margaret Feinberg is totally awesome.

Earlier this week, she added my blog ~ 27 & Counting ~ to her blogroll. Celebrate!

I received another surprise from Margaret this afternoon……she’s invited me and a guest to a women’s conference in January where she’ll be speaking about her book, The Sacred Echo. I’m really excited to attend this event, and even more excited to share the experience with a friend. Thanks, Margaret!

If you’ve not read Margaret’s books, here are my favorites:

Reason #5 I’m Happy:

I’m semi-employed as a substitute teacher.

There is peace, tranquility, and sanity in a flexible schedule.

Reason #4 I’m Happy:

I have three ~ yes 3! ~ ladies interested in starting a book club with me. This is monumental. This is pure awesome-ness. I’m still waiting for others to RSVP, but I’m already planning our first meeting and luncheon on September 17.

Reason #3 I’m Happy:

I know really talented people. Most of them claim me as their friend. I’m a lucky girl!

Visit “The Wood Shop” on Facebook ~ these front door monograms are made by Brandy Sutton

Visit Lindsey’s Etsy shop, Petit Cadeau Boutique (that’s French for Little Gift Shop), for these custom textiles… can also save 15-percent if you visit right now!!!

Visit Jan at The Diamond E for custom tile gifts.

Reason #2 I’m Happy:

I’m finally going to learn how to use Photoshop. Well, that’s my hope at least. I purchased a Groupon deal today for a five-hour Photoshop class in Arlington this fall. This class is limited to five people so the personalized attention is guaranteed. I think I could be the cover model for the book, Photoshop for Dummies. Obviously, I am the dummy!

Reason #1 I’m Happy:

I have a GIVEAWAY going on and YOU should enter RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

Seriously people, this is the Big Kahuna of Giveaways. Click HERE to visit the giveaway post and enter by simply posting a comment with your name and email address. It’s really easy. Pass the word along to your friends and foes ~ the more the merrier! Contest ends this Sunday at midnight.

Peace, Love, and Giveaways!







  1. Holy cow! are there any openings left in the Photoshop class? And thanks so much for the shout out on the tiles. I’m hoping to have an Etsy shop up and running soon w/ tiles and other personalized things! You are a good friend, girl!

    • I found the class on Groupon for McKay Photography Academy in Arlington. Check out their website and send them a message asking if you can still get in on the deal. I’d love for you to join me, we can be each other’s moral support!!!!!!!!

  2. Sooooo….are you happy??? 😛
    You are awesome my friend!

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