The Great Debate

Sweet or unsweet tea?

Sweet. (duh)

Coke or Pepsi?


Thin, hand-tossed, or deep-dish?


Ribeye or Filet?



I could keep this going forever, but I’d like to know your thoughts, suggestions, and preference on e-readers.

I don’t know much about them, except for the few things I’ve read online and a few brief conversations with friends who have (and love) them. I’m still nervous about this idea because I really love to sensitize with my books…..i.e. touch and feel the pages, write notes in the margins, insert my favorite bookmark, etc.




Option #1: Kindle by Amazon

Option #2: Nook by Barnes & Nobles

Option #3: Sony Reader


Please leave a comment with your vote and explain WHY you prefer a particular brand and/or model…..or suggest another option. I’ve got my listening ears on!


I’m looking for an e-reader that will allow me to read whatever book I wish without a lot of bells and whistles. I’ve ruled out the Ipad because I don’t think I’m smart (or cool) enough to own one and, honestly, I don’t want to make a big purchase. With a simpler e-reader, I’ll be able to use our Internet service at home to download the books I want to read. Besides, I need my laptop computer for my blog and Adobe Creative Suite. I use InDesign for my church’s monthly newsletter and I’m desperately trying to learn PhotoShop for photo editing.

Note to self: splurge on that $80.00 Photoshop class via Groupon ~ consider it your birthday present!

After reading this, I’m really leaning towards the Nook Simple Touch.

Forget what I’m leaning towards……what do YOU suggest?


While you’re considering which e-reader is best, be sure to visit my Celebration Giveaway post and enter to win a myriad of great and awesome prizes.





  1. Nicole~
    I have an iPad and downloaded the Nook on it.

  2. Paulette Hartman says:

    Nook color is what I have. I love it because of the color. I download magazines and newspapers as well so that’s where the color part is awesome.

    • Hi Paulette – this debate can be partially blamed on your pastor AND your husband! Lara likes her Nook and Michael said you really enjoy yours as well. I guess I’ve been living under a rock too long!

  3. my husband brought me the Nook by Barnes and Noble a couple years ago.. now i’m like you, i thought..i love the feel of a real book in my hands.. but its wonderful. I think he got it for around $140 but i think they’ve come down in price.. you can find books online from free to 12.99.. just order them and you have them downloaded within a minute or two.. i have no problem seeing the screen outside in sunlight, contrary of what the other ebook ad says. mine is fine. this is just my thought on this, Nicole, but its reasonable and doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles,(i’m like you, dont’ need that stress in my life).. good luck with your choice

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