eezy-peezy DIY project

If you prefer expensive kitchen textiles and decorative items, you’re obviously in the wrong place. I don’t want to be rude, but seriously, expensive is so not cool.

Enter my eezy-peezy DIY project:


I “borrowed” this extremely adorable and creative idea from Kate,  The Centsational Girl. Her blog is all about life’s fabulous-ness and home decorating……..for less. I totally dig that about her ~ I wish she’d come and rescue my drab house!

Anyway, thanks to Kate and this post, I was inspired to create my own display/dessert stands.

First, you need to visit your local thrift store. There is a Goodwill exactly 3.8 miles from my house. I’ve been to this establishment many times. I have a frequent customer card. Unfortunately, I never remember to take it with me. Fortunately, I shop on Wednesdays and get everything half-off. Saaah-weeet!

This particular Goodwill store has a very large home goods sections. In fact, there are two aisles of mixed glassware, plates, saucers, and other miscellaneous items. I picked up several different sizes of plates, as well as stem-ware and candlesticks for added height and stability. During my recent GA (Goodwill Adventure), I found a ceramic pillar holder about four-inches in diameter and four-inches-tall that I put under an over-sized round platter. The platter was really large, so it was important the base was extra sturdy.

Once you have a variety of thrifted items, you will need three more “ingredients” to complete your DIY creation: primer, paint, and silicone. I found all three at the Home Depot, pronounce Dee-Pot, cuz I’m cool like that.

I describe this DIY project as fun, cute, creative, and cheap. Including the GA items and paint supplies, I spent less than $35.00. I splurged a bit by purchasing multiple colors of paint because I plan to use different colors with tablescapes at future get-togethers. Besides, plain and boring monotone colors don’t cut the mustard.

aqua, red, white, purple, pink, orange, and black

Once you’ve got your collection of materials, the rest is eeezy-peezy.

Remove any price tags and hand-wash each item with soap and water. Rinse and dry completely.

I found a package of large writing boards in the garage. I placed one of the boards on the bed of Husband’s gooseneck trailer and that provided a clean work surface to paint these display stands. I promised Husband I would keep his beloved (and rusted) trailer clean with this paper. It makes for easy clean-up too.

Who needs a Craft Room when you have paper boards, wood scraps, and a gooseneck trailer?!

Who needs props or a fancy studio when you have half-ton hay bales and a step stool?!

Prep the surface by spraying an even coat of primer on all exposed areas.

Wait at least 30 minutes.

Then, apply a second coat.

When the primer is dry, arrange items on a hay bale then stand on a step stool to snap a cool shot with a horse trailor in the background.

Consider yourself uber-cool.

Once the primer is dry, liberally apply your selected paint color.

Hold the can of spray paint a few inches from the surface and use long, even strokes. I paint the surface from left-to-right, then up-and-down. If you like geography, pretend you’re painting the four compass points: from North to South, then East to West. 

That’s your social studies lesson for the day.

Wait an hour and apply a second coat. Let dry for several hours, preferably overnight.

Unless you live in Texas where it’s 3,409 degrees with a breeze ~ I call it Living In A Hairdryer ~ and your items will dry in less than an hour.

When the pieces are dry, you’re ready to assemble into display stands.

Apply a liberal amount of silicone sealant to the edge of the glassware or flat edge of a candlestick.

Carefully arrange in the center of the plate.

Wait at least 30 minutes to one hour before testing the silicone seal. When it’s completely dry, you can do the Lift Test.




Congratulations, you can now make your own creative, cute, and oh-so-cheap display stands for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, dips, whatever you want!

I call this the Halloween Collection.

Make your own set and send me photos at nicole.m.hutchison (at) I can’t wait to see your creations!

Happy Thrift Hunting and Spray Painting!

When you are ready to use these display stands, be sure to use a sheet of wax or parchment paper, or one of those lacey-fancy paper sheets under any food items. It is NOT a smart idea to have food come into direct contact with paint. Just sayin’.

Toodles, Y’all!!!!!


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      Thank you, Shelly!!! I’m glad you found my blog and you enjoy what you’ve seen. Take a look around, stick around ….. there’s a giveaway coming up. (Shhh, don’t tell anybody yet. LOL) Happy Thanksgiving too.


  2. Wow those look fabulous and I LOVE the orange and black, you’re right, they are perfect for Halloween! Thanks for the linky love too. 🙂

  3. I just love this idea!! I just purchased my first home and I am so going to use this idea to add some much needed color!

  4. Hi! I ‘ve found your post through craftgawker and it’ so impressive! I was searching something like that for my cupcakes and now I can make it on my own!

  5. I will totally be doing these!!! LOOOOOOOVE the idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I’m going to use them as my gifts for the annual cookie exchange I do!

  6. If your top piece is clear glass, I’d not paint the food surface, just the back and stand. That way your food will not come in contact with the paint.

    • Tena, you’re correct about food and painted surfaces. When I use my display stands, I prefer to use paper doiles but a piece of wax or parchment paper would work fine too. I use Wilton’s grease-proof paper doiles. I keep 8-inch and 12-inch sizes in the china cabinet.

      Happy DIY-ing!

  7. One question…on the Centsational GIrl’s site, she says Dap Silicone Adhesive will not stick to paint. She recommends painting the stand on the base so as to “create” a paint free zone where the stand will go. This way you can apply Dap to a paint free area.

    • Shannon,
      I have done the silicone two ways. The first time I left a “clean ring” and the second time I primed and painted all surfaces. When dry, I assembled the top and bottom pieces together using silicone sealant. I can say I’ve had success both ways. I know one thing for sure, you don’t want to “glue” the pieces before painting because the paint will literally slide off the silicone and won’t dry.

      One more thing: Because I like a glossy finish, I purchased a clear high gloss coat for two stands I painted with “matte” black (HD was out of black gloss). I plan to apply the clear coat BEFORE assembling the pieces with silicone too.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Love the tutorial and cool hay bales!

  9. I will be helping with a bridal shower next month and this is a great idea for our sweet bar. 🙂 thanks!

    • Jan, if you’ll let me know what colors the shower decor is, you can use my display stands. I’ve got an array of colors already, and plan to make more. Let me know the colors you need/want.

  10. I have the ingredients, now all I need is time. I can’t wait to see if mine turn out as cute as yours.

    • Good luck, Jennifer ~ I picked up more “ingredients” this afternoon and look forward to another day of painting. I picked up matching pieces so I’d have some identical stands but in different colors. We’ll see out they turn out. Have fun and happy painting!

      Nicole 🙂

  11. i am so impressed Nicole. as a matter of fact I am going to steal or borrow your idea and do a craft class with my little 4-Her’s and let them creat their own serving piece. thanks so much for the inspiration. you are awesome, and to think, i thought you were like your mom..not a crafty bone in your Just a workaholic. love ya.

    • Sharon! Actually, the only thing I did NOT inherit from my parents was their green thumb. I can plant and harvest with the best of them, but I can’t keep a container of flowers alive if my life depended on it!!!!!


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