Sore does not even describe what I’m feeling right now

I am utterly exhausted. I never thought (in a middle years!) I would be rolling ~ literally ~ out of bed onto the floor and attempt the Downward Dog yoga position. My back was stiff as a board and I was willing do anything ~ anything! ~ to loosen myself up. It wasn’t pretty, and no I don’t have a picture!

Moving on…….

We spent all day yesterday digging a trench, Transcontinental Railroad-style, and finally “met in the middle” late in the afternoon. After a few minutes struggling with a shovel, I quickly learned that being IN the trench on my hands and knees and scooping up rocks and debris into a five-gallon bucket was much easier. I would pay for this later. As soon as we returned to the guest house last night, I realized that I’m NOT Limber Lucy. My back is sooooooo sore from crawling around and lifting heavy buckets above my head.

I will survive, I will work again today.  

Yesterday morning we began digging and chipping and scooping and shoveling and moving dirt, gravel, and debris.

Eight hours later ~ success! ~ the trench was clear.

This morning we will travel to the work site to finish cleaning the trench and then return to the guest house for lunch, showers, and in the afternoon we are visiting the Haitian National Historical Museum.



  1. Wow! Sometimes it hurts me to grab a broom and sweep because of my back problems, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to grab a shovel and dig. Make sure to stretch a little everyday to get rid of the soreness.

  2. Go troopers of God, Go! I think that is the most beautiful trench I have ever seen. Thank you all for what you are doing, not only for the Haitians, for for all of us here at home. We sincerely appreciate it.

    As Lara says, “Let go and let God.”
    Celeste Zachry

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