Day 3 of Haiti

This photo doesn’t mean anything to you. Afterall, it’s only a fence.

Actually, it’s a green metal fence shielding the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

But this photo represents my precious ~ intense ~ moment of indescribable emotion in the three short days I’ve been in Haiti. 

I rested the lens of my camera on the iron fence to get a better shot of the palace. As I did this, a hand gently rested on my shoulder and a voice quietly whispered in my ear.

“I’m here with you.”

You see, the hand that rested on my shoulder and the voice that whispered in my ear belonged to Rodney, one of our interpreters and employee of the Methodist Guest House. While I was never afraid or fearful while standing in the square next to the Palace, it was the most sincere, comforting, and genuine moment of human connection with a divine touch.

I will NEVER be the same.

Today was indescribable.

 There are no words to describe the emotion, the devastation, and the HOPE that’s in Haiti.

I am blessed beyond measure.

Obviously, the Presidential Palace was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.

Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace



  1. Thanks for sharing this powerful post. We all need to be reminded of those who need our help and care.

  2. You have done an incredible job of blogging about your experience. I am touched.

  3. Nice photos !

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