Good Morning (from Haiti)

Good morning, Friends ~

I’m glad to announce that I am writing this from the United Methodist Church of Haiti’s guest house in Port-au-Prince. We arrived yesterday evening to smiling faces and warm embraces from the guest house managers and Haitians employees. There is another mission team staying here from Missouri also.

The weather is (wait for it) pleasant. Tropical Storm Emily is still headed in this direction and models expect her to hit Hispaniola tomorrow morning. There is an extremely nice breeze and right now it’s cloudy and overcast. The storm is not expected to hit our area directly, but we are anticipate heavy rains and strong winds. Fortunately, we are located on the other side of the mountains, so the storm will lose most of its strength when it passes that region before hitting us. No worries, I am actually looking forward to seeing the rain ~ just wish I could send some home to Texas!

In the next half-hour, my team and I will enjoy a lovely breakfast prepared by the Haitian staff and then load into the tap-tap (cargo van) and head to our project site. My camera is fully charged, with a new (and empty) memory card, and ready to go. I took some photos yesterday on the plane as we were flying over The Caribbean, as well as our “adventure” in the airport and on the road to the guest house. You can read all about that, and see the photos, by visiting our team’s blog HERE. Please be sure to “subscribe” to the team’s blog and comment, each night we will meet together for devotion time and I’ll be sharing email messages and blog comments. If you have anything you’d like to share, please send me a message directly or leave a comment on our blog.

Let the fun begin,






  1. have a great time!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you made it safe and sound! I look forward to your updates and pics! Stay safe girlfriend!

  3. You go girl! Glad yall made it and stay safe! Don’t forget to put your cheap poncho in your bag. 🙂


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