Mother Nature adds excitement

As if the anticipation and excitement for my first international mission trip wasn’t enough, Mother Nature is adding her own element of excitement to the mix with this little jewel.

Say hello to Tropical Storm Emily.


The image above illustrates the many projected paths of this storm, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that the Island of Hispaniola (otherwise known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic) is going to get a direct hit.

At this point, my Mother is freaking out. Bless her lil’ heart.

According to, if the storm maintains its current speed and trajectory, it could hit the island of Haiti this Thursday. If that’s the case, I’m glad I have an 88-cent poncho in my bag. That poncho could be the difference between life and death…….ahem, wet and dry.

C’mon Mom, that was funny!

Here’s the official statement from HaitiLibre’s weather report,

To 7am, this Tuesday, the center of the Tropical Storm Emily was located to 15.3 degrees north and 63.7 degrees West. At 985 km northwest of Port au Prince (612 miles) with sustained winds (maximum) of 65 km/h (40 mph). Emily is currently moving at 22 km/h (14 mph) along a trajectory West and could hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti in the next 24 to 48 hours [Thursday for Haiti if the speed is maintained]. 10 of the 12 forecast models plan the passage of Emily on Haiti.

I love the last sentence the best.


10 of the 12 forecast models plan the passage of Emily on Haiti.


Oh yippee!!!!!!!

For those who don’t know me very well, I have an extra personality known as Polly Freakin’ Anna, or PFA. She appears quite often when life sucks or the world is slamming stressful situations upon me. When PFA appears, I am uber-cheerful, very positive, and have this GIGANTIC smile on my face.

Kinda like this:

It’s ridiculous, but effective. In most situations. Annoying in others.

I’ve promised the team that I will TRY to contain myself, and PFA, as best I can……especially tomorrow morning when we’re meeting at 4:45 am at the church and going to the airport. I’m not sure PFA is awake during pre-dawn hours.

In all seriousness, please keep our Haiti Mission Team ~ and ALL mission teams ~ in your thoughts and prayers. I communicated with several people via Facebook this morning who are either in Haiti waiting for a flight back to the U.S. or they’re waiting for a flight to Haiti. We are not the only team in Haiti. We all need your prayers for the work we’re going to do and the safety of everyone during hurricane season.

Click HERE to follow my mission team’s blog.

Peace, love, and rain ponchos,



  1. Paulette Hartman says:

    PFA, you should not talk about death and destruction in relation to this trip. Especially since the father of my 3 children, and my soul mate, will be with you. I’m right there with your mother on this one : {

  2. Oh MY GAWD! Your poor mother! Hey I’m thinking if you have to go out, it should be while serving Christ! You and the team are in my prayers! Go get ’em! 🙂


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  2. […] Mother Nature adds excitement ( […]

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