Packed & Ready……NOT!

Approximately 50 hours from now, I’ll be checking-in at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for a 7:30 am flight with a final destination to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This Wednesday marks the beginning of my first international mission trip.

Haiti Mission Team blog, click HERE

For eight days, I will live, work, play, and fellowship alongside the Haitian people as we repair a damaged school. The mission team and I are expecting to clear debris, construct new classroom walls, and install a playground. On the project site, there is no water, electricity, or air-conditioning.

At the guest house where we’ll be staying and eating two meals a day, there will be no air-conditioning, no running water, and limited electricity. Team members and I will be drinking only bottled water. We will, however, have Internet access.

There’s a silver lining in all things. (be sure to follow our team blog!)

Let’s discuss for a quick minute the current weather conditions in Texas. 

Hot. Dry. Windy.

I describe it as living in a hair dryer turned on HIGH speed.

It’s miserable.

The thermometer and meteorologists at WFAA Channel 8 in Dallas agree with me.

Unfortunately, the humidity level in Haiti is going to be worse and heat indices (that’s plural for index, if you were wondering) are expected to be in excess of 110-degree each day.

There’s an old saying that women in the South don’t sweat, we glow. Well, dawlins’, I’m sorry to ruin my precious reputation, but I guarantee I’ll be past the glowing stage and fully past the sweaty stage too. I’ll be gross. Deal with it.

No matter the heat, no matter the temperature, and no matter how much sweat is pouring out of my pores, I will be Polly Freakin’ Anna and have a smile on my face and say, “hi y’all” to anybody I meet while visiting Port-au-Prince. That’s how I roll.

Am I packed and ready to go?

Of course not.

Toodles and Happy Monday, Y’all!!!!


Just a little thingamabobber for you to think about……..I’m approaching a BIG blogging milestone and I’ve got a BIG giveaway annoucement to make as soon as I return from Haiti. Please encourage your spouse, mother, Cousin Eddie, and the neighbors to read and subscribe to my blog. You do NOT want to miss this, it’s going to be fun!



  1. I hope you have a safe and smooth trip! Drink lots of water!! When temps reach that high glowing goes out the window, in reality you can’t help to be a freaking sweaty mess!

    • Thank you! To add some excitement to our trip, Tropical Storm Emily is heading towards Haiti and should reach land within 24-48 hours. Hey, I’m a little bit excited that I’ll get to see rain. I’ve forgotten what that stuff looks like. Stay tuned for blog posts here and follow our team blog at

      Love ya, Fnkybee!!!!!!!!! (so glad you enjoyed Vegas, I can’t wait to read all your stories and adventures)


  1. […] Packed & Ready……NOT! ( […]

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