Home Chef Challenge

I’ve been a lazy bum this morning. Even though I awoke before my alarm went off, I stayed in bed to finish a book I had started. I thought I would check my social status before going outside to begin another’s day work in the garden when I was pleasantly SHOCKED to read an email from the staff at the TODAY show’s Facebook page. I entered the Home Chef Challenge several weeks ago and they’ve selected my entry.

If you remember, I made a peanut butter pie for Husband’s birthday – you can see the post here and get the recipe here. It was, simply, one of the best peanut butter pies I’ve EVER eaten. Super peanut-y, super creamy, and super delicious made for a super dessert.

If you are a Facebook user, I would really appreciate your support in this little contest. All you must do is “like” the TODAY Food page on Facebook. Then, visit the Home Cook Challenge page and vote for my recipe. The photo above is featured on their page too.

This is what their Facebook page looks like:



When I took this screen shot, I was in the lead. Please share with your friends and encourage them to vote too. Just think, Husband’s birthday pie could be featured on TODAY.com!!!!!!!

Please vote. Thank you!



  1. oh my!!! you are like semi-famous now!!! i knew that pie was somewhat magical…. congrats! 🙂

  2. Oh MY!! Congrats, Nicole! You have my vote!!

    • Thank you!!!! I hope your trip was fabulous, I loved the photos and I got your email about the wedding – BUMMER! Oh well, we’ll plan something else. Thanks for voting, how crazy is this?!

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