WPC: Colorful

This week’s photo challenge theme is COLORFUL…..and I think I have a great photo to submit. Thanks WordPress for hosting the Weekly Photo Challenge!

Also, if you have a moment, please visit my earlier post in honor of our beloved Curtis, one of Husband’s team-roping horses. We’re gonna greatly miss The Ol’Man. He was an oldie but a goodie!




  1. Nice! Love that it’s SOOC.

  2. Such a happy, sunshine face! The gold is glorious!

  3. Beautiful, especially against the blue sky.

  4. what a shot really beautiful and so colorful..

  5. Glorious Sun Flower 🙂

  6. Lovely contrast with the sky.

  7. And all day it worships the sun, turning, turning.

  8. Beautiful photo.

  9. Nature certainly has the best palette. This is beautiful!

  10. Sunflowers always make for great photographs but I can never get them to grow properly in my garden

  11. Stunning!

  12. Wish I could grow a sunflower like this. Actually, I wish I could grow any sunflower. Mine usually get eaten by insects, or I overwater, or there’s not enough sun…real issue here in the Seattle area. So thanks for sharing such a gorgeous specimen…

    like the sun…which we don’t see very often. 🙂

  13. Beautiful sunflower!

  14. Celeste Zachry says:

    Yes, I think this is quite colorful but even more so beautiful. You’re quite the photographer. So sorry about the Ol’Man…always a hard thing when you lose a pet – no matter what kind, but especially when you’ve had them as long as he’s had Curtis…prayers for you and your husband…as well as Blue.

  15. Beautiful!!


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