R.I.P. Curtis (aka The Ol’Man)

I’ll make this short and sweet…….


Curtis is no longer with us. God bless my husband who’s taking care of this by himself.

Curtis turned 27 on July 2 and lived a great life. He’s going to be missed…by Husband and I (obviously), but Blue too. It’s going to be interesting to see how Blue handles being alone.


I’m gonna miss The Ol’Man, especially when he’d “sneak” out of the pasture and into the yard around the house. I’ll never forget standing at the kitchen sink looking outside when Curtis walked by the window. Instead of walking around the house, he took the short-cut via our large covered porch. When he saw me inside the window, he stopped and stared, then went on about his tour. He also loved his ears and forehead to be scratched.

R.I.P. Ol’Man



  1. You know, as much as I know you will be missed in Texas….I think you should pack up said husband, horse and whatever else and make the move. Life is too short not to be around the people you love and that love you!!

    • Awww, visiting KY just makes me homesick. I miss “said husband” terribly when I gone though. I told him, though, that I would love to get his butt on a plane and visit the West Coast…..maybe, one of these days!

  2. RIP Ol’ Man; I know you will be very much missed.

  3. Charming anecdote about an obviously beloved member of the family. Admire those who have horses. Not having grown up around any, I’m rather fearful because these animals are smart and big. I have tremendous respect for them. So i don’t mess around when i do have a singular opportunity to be near one.

    i tend to grovel… 😉

  4. RIP Curtis

  5. Aww. RIP Ol’ Man


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