Sunday Celebrations

Mom and I went to church yesterday morning at Webb Memorial UMC in Clay, Kentucky ~ the church where I spent the majority of my teens and young adult life, as well as the spot where I married Husband. I always love going back to Clay and seeing the people who mean so much. Going back, though, makes me miss home even more AND it reminds me just how old and grown up I’m supposed to be. Bummer!

Hailey, Hunter (with his eyes closed!), "MaCo" and Hilary

Hilary, Hailey, and Hunter were three-years-old when I started babysitting them. At the time, they were the only set of triplets in Clay ~ there are now two sets and I kept both of them! In a couple of weeks, the Fords will be SENIORS in high school. Oh my, “MaCo” is getting old. (*my babies are all grown up*) (*tear down cheek*)

This is how we spend a Sunday afternoon at home on the countryside……

BAHAHAHAHA – as I was taking photos of Mom and Dad and their gardens, I couldn’t help but think of the photo with the Farmer and His Wife. Well, I found it and just had to have some fun. Before I leave, I’m going to recreate the scene but until then…..I love you Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad

Dad says this is some of the best looking – and tallest! – corn he’s ever had in the garden….I’m sure it’ll taste awesome too!

Dragonflies are becoming a new interest of mine when I’m taking pictures. They fly all around but if they land and stay still for a second, you can capture a great shot.

Here’s a sneak peek at the sweet corn. It’s not ready, but it will be in another week or two. After I took this picture, I ate the evidence. It’s good, but it’ll be better later.

For the longest time, Benjamin thought his name was Been Ben because Dad would always ask, “Where have you been, Ben?!” Benjamin loves to get eye-level to everybody, even if that means jumping on the hood or roof of a vehicle. I love this dog. He was saved from the pound and he is so grateful to be alive. When he runs, his ears flop and he has a grin on his furry face.

Ben also enjoys riding on The Mule….and he’ll stick his tongue out at you if you try to take his picture.

Across the road from Mom and Dad is Kaleb, Heather, and Adalee. They’re on vacation this week, so Mom and Dad have the “task” of feeding the fish in the lake. Another neighbor, Lil’ Miss Emma, likes to supervise and make sure the fish are fed correctly. There’s an art to fish-feeding, didn’t you know?!

It’s all in the wrist action, as Emma demonstrates!

These are some seriously BIG catfish.

Here’s the lake house, complete with a fully stocked beverage center.

Supporting “International Harvester” of course. Go Big Red!

After Emma fed the fish, she drove herself home….she also introduced me to the Sutton Bloodhounds.

I don’t know who’s who, but the crew includes Scooby, J.R., Daisy, and Ella-Mae. Of course, one of the four decided they didn’t want their picture taken. I don’t know why not….with a face like that, I’d be showing it off!

That’s about the cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen…..kissin’ hounds.

I made the mistake of challenging Dad to another round at the Shootin’ Shed. He accepted.

And gladly beat me with an awesome four-shot round.

I did better……

but I can’t beat Ol’ Dad with at the target range. My four-shot round turned into six. I kept getting closer and FINALLY on the sixth shot I hit the bulls-eye. Finally!!!!


Just another day in paradise.

If you’re worried about Husband home alone in Texas, I talked to him yesterday and he’s just fine. He’s got plenty of food left and lots of clean clothes too. He’ll survive….and I’ll keep checking on him!



  1. Whitney Spainhoward says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I had the best neighbors a girl could have asked for when I lived across from you and the parents. They look great!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit in the Bluegrass. Tell Greg & Charlotte I say “Hiii”
    love y’all

    • Aww, Whitney – I miss those days so much. I miss you and Brandon and just having good neighbors. Mom and Dad are awesome aren’t they, two peas in a pod and I swear their green thumbs get green-er every year. The gardens – yes, plural – are unreal. You have to visit them sometime. Miss you! Love you!

  2. Fabulous! Looks like you are enjoying yourself and having a great ole time! Ben is super cute! along with the blood hounds. I love the pic of just the two of them.
    There is a certain way you must feed the fish! Before my dad and stepmom moved down here they had a pond that dad stocked himself and we would feed the fish every evening and there is a science to it. 🙂 The kids would always go nuts at all the catfish coming up to feed and the size of them! He had some bigg’ns in there!!
    Good Shootin! (both bullets and pics)
    The sunflower pic is gorgeous!!!

    • Thank you! Thank you!
      I just got in from spending the last seven – yes 7 – hours in the garden picking green beans. My GAWD that’s freakin’ HOT and HARD work. I’ve always been a stingy-ass with my green beans, but I’m not giving any away now!!!!!! BAHAHAHA I was up before the sun was out and Mom and I started about 6:00 am. I jumped in the big lake (pictured above) to cool off and get a few layers of “funk” and sweat off of me.

      Don’t you just love that sunflower? I was so excited when I got a good picture. A friend of mine collects sunflowers and I might have that print framed for her.

      Stay cool, Fnkybee!!!!

  3. I felt like I was right there with you and your parents, Emma and all the dogs! Your parents must work mighty hard to keep the place looking so good; it’s a place I’d love to see, and I can see why you love being there.
    That’s a gorgeous photo of Ben sitting on the roof of the car, eye to eye with your Dad – it’s a keeper if I ever saw one.

    • Barb, as good as these pictures are, the REAL thing is just awesome-er!!!! I love calling this place home. I also love having good neighbors to share the view with……Husband and I don’t have good neighbors and as much as I try to be good to them, they do nothing. I have to come to KY to be around nice people.
      And, yes, Benjamin is a keeper. He radiates joy and you can help but smile when you say his name and he “smiles” at you.

  4. Great pics, Nicole! I’ve picked up Wi-Fi at our Colorado camp and plan to do a couple posts myself. It’s gorgeous here!

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