Annie Oakley ~ GET YOUR GUN!!!!

Welcome to the Shootin’ Shed!

This is how sophisticated folks living in the country with a passion for big guns entertain themselves.

Before we continue, put your ear plugs in!

Growing up, my Dad was always a big hunter, specifically birds (i.e. quail, pheasant, chuckar and dove) and I’d go bird hunting with him. Occasionally, we’d also challenge each other at the Skeet Range. I never won fair and square, but I tried my best to beat the Ol’ Man.

Within the past several years, Dad has transitioned his love and passion for firearms from hunting rifles to some of the best high-powered target rifles available to civilians. Yes, I said civilians. A couple of these rifles are military-issued to Snipers.

Don’t ask me to name or describe what I shot today, all I know is that they’re BIG and REALLY LOUD! Just look at the ammunition I fired…..holy smokes!

It’s taken me several years to get the nerve (ahem, the kahoonies!!!!) to shoot these guns. I did really well my first time out of the gate.

I have a terrible time trying to keep my left-eye shut and it takes me forever to get the target in focus. By the time I do, I’m worn out and my hands are shaking. But with more practice, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Look at me, the One Eyed Shooter. BAHAHA!!!!

Today was a lot of fun. It was loud, but it was fun.

Dad and his friends have built a great place to shoot their guns and have quite the set-up to do so. The targets are located between 50 and 400 yards, plus each target has a mound of dirt behind it. Safety first, ALWAYS!

Now that I know how these guns shoot, I’m ready to do it again. Besides the loud noise, the recoil isn’t bad at all. In idiot’s terms, recoil means kick-back. I was afraid some of these guns would break my jaw, but I survived and I was not harmed in the production of this blog post.

I’m changing my name to Annie Oakley.



  1. Woo Hoo! That is one heeluva gun! I used to shoot and hunt with my dad too, turkey and deer. I miss those moments.
    Shoot’em up bang bang! 😉

    • We have so much in common, Fnkybee – except my Dad was never a big deer hunter and the friends that were/are won’t take me….they say I talk too much. I don’t know what’ they’re talking about. I don’t talk too much. There’s no way. It’s not possible. I don’t ramble. I can be quiet. I don’t…..BAHAHA they’re so right! Plus, you have to get up SOOOOOOOO early.

      I’ll never forget one morning in high school a bunch of my friends came to first period straight from the field, still in their camo and face paint. One of them sat down in his desk and he had forgotten about the container of “doe scent” in his pocket and it BROKE! I went to a SMALL school so the entire campus smelled awful for months.

  2. Hiya Miss Annie Oakley..Morn’in to ya gal!
    Great pictures and a good post. The only thing is that I do not like hunting animals. It makes me sad to see beautiful animals dead.
    However range shooting I have no problem with as long as it is a pile of dirt etc.

    have a great day, boom! boom!

    • Thank you! I’m sorta-kinda on the same page with you about hunting, except I know when hunting birds with my Dad, we stayed under the allowable limit and always ate what we shot. I support the hunters that support wildlife in positive ways. I used to watch a television show about poachers and it made me smile when they were caught. Anyway, I’m looking forward to my next trip to the Shootin’ Shed. I want to hit that orange diamond before I return to Texas. HAHAHA

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