Wondering Wednesday: the battle of cookware

I have so much to get done ~ my to-do list is a mile long ~ but instead, I’m throwing caution to the wind and writing this post. Why would I do that?

Why not?!

The washer is running, the dryer just beeped, dishes in the dishwasher need to be put away, and I have yet to pack a single thread of clothing for my trip to Kentucky – I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow afternoon and I fly out early Friday morning. I have the final night of VBS at the Fort Worth Community Center tonight too, so I’ve got TONS of time on my hands….yeah right!

It seems all I’ve been thinking about lately is food, food prep, food photography, etc. etc. etc. Quick question for you: Choose your favorite type of cookware.

If you could have just one, which would you choose and why:

All-Cladstainless steel


Photo courtesy of ChefsCatalog.com


Le Creuset cast iron

Photo courtesy of ChefsCatalog.com

Personally, I’d love to have BOTH – but that’s not one of your answer choices!

I love the durability and tradition of stainless steel, but I also love the rustic charm and festive colors available with cast iron. My dream kitchen has a variety of Le Creuset pieces placed all around….yeah, I’m a big dreamer. As far as price, holy smokes I have expensive taste! The All-Clad stainless steel cookware set retails for over $900.00 – and that’s the SALE price. The Le Creuset cookware set retails for $430.00 – that’s a sale price too. Holy snickerdoodles, that’s a lot of money for pots and pans!

I wish I could say, “Hey, leave a comment and enter for a chance to win your choice of fantastic cookware.” but I cannot. I’m sorry. Maybe ~ hopefully ~ one of these days when I’m in the Big Leagues of Bloggers, Le Creuset and All-Clad will give me their products. Until that glorious day, I’m just gonna slobber on my laptop and wish I had their cookware.

Want some random crap from my life…..here’s some completely useless information:

  1. I’m a kick-butt kind of wife. I can weld metal pipe fence, construct a portable building, assemble a carport, hammer, paint, and replace the wood flooring in a bumper-pull trailor. Yeah, I kick butt and take names…..all while smiling real big like Polly Freakin’ Anna.

    This pile of wood WAS the old trailor floor...obviously in poor condition!

    Husband and I successfully installed a NEW floor....via moonlight - how romantic?!

  2. I’ve done more errand-running the past three days than I have in my entire life. I’m tired. Mothers are my heroes, I don’t see how they do all that they do. If I had a hat on right now, I’d take it off and give it to them. However, as much as I’ve done, laundry is not finished and my suitcase for Kentucky is NOT packed.
  3. I’m really hungry for sushi.
  4. In November, I’m going to help a friend help another friend by taking pictures at a wedding. My friend was asked to take pictures of the small ceremony and I could tell she was really nervous about it. I’m by no means a professional, I don’t think I qualify as “amateur” even, but I offered to take my camera along and snap some photos too. Who doesn’t like weddings anyway? It’ll be fun, I’m looking forward to the opportunity.
  5. If you live underneath a rock, then you probably don’t realize how bad the drought in Texas is right now. When I say it’s bad, I’m not fooling around. We have not mowed our yard since the first week of May….today is July 13. I bought a set of ferns in April and promised myself that I would take care of them. I failed. Miserably.

    a bit parched, don't you think?

  6. The financial institution that had my car loan is acting like a bunch of idiots and I told them that over the phone today. I paid off my car loan in June and I was promised the process would be expedited if I paid in cash. So I did. Almost a month later and I don’t have my car’s title. WTH? Why would you send an important document (i.e. vehicle title) in the regular mail without a tracking number or delivery confirmation? I told the woman on the phone that the company she works for is ridiculously idiotic. She agreed. However, my problem of receiving my car’s title is not solved. Ughhhhhhhhhh.
  7. Another ridiculously stupid,  and idiotic company: American Airlines. I could have flown from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport directly to Evansville (IN), Nashville (TN), or Louisville (KY) round-trip for $500. However, if I drive two hours south to Austin and board a plane to any of these destinations, the price is $220. Guess where the connection lands……DFW. So yeah, I’m driving my Polly-Freakin’-Anna self to Austin tomorrow afternoon and staying with my best friend who’s dropping me off at the airport early Friday morning to get on a plane, fly to DFW, and board another plane to Nashville, where my Lovely Mother will retrieve me at 1:32 pm. It. Makes. No. Sense. But hey, I save at least $230 (gas to drive to Austin will cost me at least $50) in airfare alone. I’ll spend that on food instead……take the parents out to dinner and treat them nice.
  8. I ate lunch at Qdoba today and spoke with the manager about the possibility of hosting a GIVEAWAY for a gift-card. I’ll let you know what he and his Marketing Manager say. Who could so “no” to me? PUH-LEASE!
  9. After lunch, I went next door to the nail place and had them cut off the “talons” that had overwhelmed my little hands. I told my sweet friend, Erica, that I was going to Kentucky to work in my Daddy’s garden and a pretty French mani was NOT going to cut the mustard. So, she opted just to paint a light coat of acrylic on top until I return from Kentucky and Haiti. She’s a smart cookie. Aren’t they pretty? Yes, I thought so too!

    These nails are ready for working in Dad's garden.

  10. I have successfully wasted an hour blogging and playing with my camera that it’s now time to leave for church, drive the van to Fort Worth, and entertain some of the AWESOMEST kids ever. It’s been wonderful to be in fellowship with these children and share a Vacation Bible School with them. I can’t wait to share photos and stories with you.

Don’t forget to share your choice of cookware and, by all means, share a random thought from your brain too while you’re here. Might as well, I’ll be listening.




  1. I LoVe the turquiose cookware, but would have to go w/ the more practical stainless steel considering I don’t put that much stock into cooking…unlike The Husband. His world revolves around his next meal. Cast iron is a little more trouble to take care of…and to cook with.
    Hey, where is this wedding of your cousins?
    And thanks a million for your help in November. I’m looking forward to it!

    • Jan, I like this husband of yours more and more. I’m always wondering about my next meal too – is that why I’m NOT skinny?! BAHAHAHA

      My super-short cousin, Lindsey, and her super-tall fiance, Josh, are getting married in Kentucky on Sept 24. Wanna go? We’ll make it a ROAD TRIP and pretend we’re Thelma & Louise – without the driving off the Grand Canyon part. BAHAHA

      Oh, I crack myself up today.

  2. I tried iron cookware years ago, probably when it first came into being and it went rusty, so I gave it all up for Teflon. That way I don’t really burn too much.

    Anyway have a lovely vacation, takes lots of pics and have a safe journey

    love Patrecia

    • Thanks Patrecia! My great-grandmother taught me how to season cast iron cookware….I’d give anything to have the big skillet she used, wonder what happened to that after she died?…….and I never – EVER! – use harsh soap when cleaning it. If yours turned rusty, it means it got wet or you don’t use it enough.

      I will definitely be taking lots of pictures. In fact, I’ve got a couple of surprises in store for my blog readers, including a visit to a Presidental Plantation. It’s gonna be FUN.

      Toodles! 🙂

  3. I can’t comment on the cookware, but I have a comment about the taking pictures! Just remember your dear cousin is getting married Sept 24 and would love if you came to shoot some pics! Just kidding, but your camera is freaking awesome. If you happen to be in town that weekend 🙂 you are more than welcome to take some shots of Josh and I. You are an awesome writer and keep the blogs rolling! Hopefully we will see you while you are in.

    • Well, Dear Cousin of Mine……..I have your wedding date on my calendar. I can’t make any promises, but I’m going to TRY to be there. Besides, I want to give Josh the homemade BBQ sauce he loves so much. But shhhhh, don’t tell him! BAHAHA

      P.S. If you are registering for cookware, you gotta have these on your list. Then, I’m coming to your house and playing in your kitchen and taking pictures of the food. Can I be your live-in chef and photographer?!?!


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