My Monday Evening

The photos below represent a small glimpse of the volunteers ~ including children, youth, and adults ~ from First United Methodist Church in Joshua who traveled to the United Community Center in Fort Worth to share Galactic Blast, a Vacation Bible School program.

For three nights, our team will develop lasting relationships with the center’s staff, and the children they serve. Our team coordinators specifically tailored the program to incorporate all major aspects of any other VBS program ~ i.e. sing-alongs, recreational games, snack time, crafts and sing-alongs ~ to fit into a shorter period of time.

Last night’s program was a huge SUCCESS. There were approximately 36 school-aged children, from Pre-K to 8th grade, that joined us for an evening of fun and fellowship with a green gorilla, named Galileo. I played Commander Nicole.

Things that I will do to entertain children and adults….include talking to this green gorilla:

Galileo, the "Galactic Blast" mascot

Until we get permission to do so, I cannot share photos of the children.
However, to give you a glimpse of the fun had by the First Joshua crew on NIGHT ONE, take a look at these photos!!!!

David & Jamie - the funny Father / Daughter Duo

Roy celebrating with the children!

Story-telling performed by Keith

Recreation activities provided by Janet, Marsha, and Barbara

Jamie and Edwin are sharing their furry friend, Galileo, with kids at the community center.

I had so much fun last night, I’m looking forward to tonight’s festivities. I hope to see twice as many children so I can take twice as many photos. I just looked at the file folder again, I have 237 photos from NIGHT ONE – plus several video clips!!!

Believe me, grace and opportunities to be in ministry and relationship with each other exists in ways we so often overlook. Take a look around you, there might be a door of possibility open…say YES! I promise, you’ll be richly blessed.



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