Weekly Photo Challenge ~ OLD-FASHIONED

I’d consider myself to be pretty old-fashioned when it comes to some things…….I am NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, fashion forward, politically involved, or up-to-speed on the latest celebrity gossip.

There is one thing, however, that I am very old-fashioned about ~ and that’s food and cooking.

I believe every single kitchen in America would be a happier place if there were at least one rooster on display, a jar of bacon grease in the fridge, and plenty of homegrown goodies in the pantry.  

Speaking of garden goodies, here is my Weekly Photo Challenge submittal, what do you think?!

L to R: plum preserves, pickled beets, green beans, pear preserves with jalapeno, pulp-y tomato juice, and corn relish.....all made with love and sealed with a "Kiss From Kentucky"

I think it’s pur-dee darn delicious looking. Thanks to my wonderful, awesome, thoughtful, and VERY generous parents in Kentucky, they grow all of this in their GIGANTIC garden. Then, they share it all with me, their favorite (and only) daughter. I’m one lucky girl!

I have personally helped make all of these creations except for the pickled beets…that’s my Mother’s doings. I personally don’t like beets so I say, “Mom, knock yourself out!” (figuratively, of course)

So, there you have it. Homegrown delicious-ness that you CANNOT buy from the grocery store. When I open a Mason jar, that “pop” is a Kiss From Kentucky. Boy, it’s a wonderful kiss!

Here’s a view of the infamous garden ~ this is just part of ONE of the gardens though….there’s another one behind their house and you can’t really see the true size of the garden, nor the rows of sweet corn either.

This ain't your grocer's produce section.

I’ll be heading to Kentucky later next week to enjoy myself some fresh picked produce and drink some of my Daddy’s homemade wuh-ine!!!!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the delicious garden goodies (and Neenie for the extra green beans!), Husband and I are extremely grateful ~ so are our bellies!!!




  1. Great take on ‘old fashioned’! The photos are beautiful. The second one is an attention grabber. : )

  2. Really like this one as we have blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes in our back garden. Over the years we have had homemade jam, ice cream, jelly & wine!

    • Your homemade selections sound delicious, especially the jelly and wine. My Dad makes homemade wine too, it’s really good!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I look forward to reading yours too, as I was a competitive junior golfer for more than 12 years – including two years at the collegiate level. Golf is a wonderful game that is near and dear to my heart, many wonderful experiences and life-lessons learned on the golf course!


      • Making your own wine is good value too as you get about 6-7 bottles from one batch!

        I used to play golf every Friday afternoon but now I only get out on the course about twice a month, still enjoy every minute of it though, if I play well or not.

  3. Fantastic choice for this challenge. Reminds me of my Mom’s jars of “canned” produce! Looks delicious, too.

  4. Perfect choice. Reminded me of the home made jams my mom used to make. As for the home grown fruits and veggies, it reminded me of the days that I would help my dad with his agricultural projects. I miss those times. I’m old-fashioned in my heart’s sentiments.

  5. I’m a “jammer” more than a canner. 🙂 sweet bluberry/cherry jam, red pepper jelly – mmmmmm

    • “Jammers” are cool too……I love everybody! haha Your creations sound a lot like the ones my parents and I make; although, my Dad LOVES spicy and puts hot peppers in EVERYTHING. No joke. I was skeptical about peach preserves with jalapenos, but used as a glaze on chicken or pork and OH-MY-GOSH, it’s deeee-vine! Sweet, spicy, and all kinds of good. My husband will eat it with a cracker or spoon, it doesn’t matter!!!!

  6. Home made pickles – sadly a dying art. I still make Blackcurrant jam some years 🙂

    • My grandmother makes homemade sweet pickles and usually adds a few drops of green food coloring to, you know, make them pretty. Well, one year she grabbed the wrong bottle and we had several GALLONS of RED pickles. They tasted great but looked really weird!!!!!!

  7. That’s some garden and the produce coming out of it looks amazing. I love pickles, especially pickled walnuts.

    • Pickled walnuts? I’ve never heard of them but it sounds interesting!

      • You have to pick the walnuts when they are green before they start forming the hard shell. Soak them in brine for about two weeks, pour the water off and repeat the process. Then you can start to pickle them….In the UK if you can find a shop/deli that sells them they’re quite expensive just for a small jar so it’s better to do them yourself.

  8. Summer in a jar! They look so bright and too pretty to eat. How lovely that your parents are such active gardeners!

  9. Your Mom and Dad’s garden is similar to the ones in our village in Bulgaria. All the old folks grow their own food and pickle it. Some of it is ‘years old’ but it still gets eaten.
    We have not quite got to that stage, but I have made Orange Marmalade, which was too sweet, and pickled some beets which I have nearly eaten and we grow Potatoes and Tomatoes.
    How right you are , they taste so much better.

    • Wow, a village in Bulgaria?! That sounds so pretty, please send me a picture! I’m partial to home-grown goodies, they’re grown with love and they taste of love too. YUM!

  10. My mouth is watering now lookin at the pickles…

  11. Wow, you’re right. It makes me hungry! Oh, I could already imagine the taste!

  12. Yaaaay for such wonderful and green-thumbed parents who still look after you! Their home looks awesome and I love the photo – lots of hard work and love poured in there!
    Those preserves look mighty tasty, and so colourful – enjoy! I love beets, grow them myself.

  13. Beautiful colours! I would love to be able to make preserves. Every year I say I will try; this summer I will have to! Your pictures are inspiring.

  14. Those jars remind me of things my grandmother used to make…

  15. Love the look! For whatever reason I could not get to your blog from your comments and FINALLY found you 🙂 So happy I did!

  16. Found you on the weekly photo challenge. Absolutely love your parents’ home and garden. Definitely a throwback to another era of pride in making and growing things from scratch. With so much to keep them busy, your parents have no need for all the hype and hoopla of the modern world. God bless them, and it sounds like the “apple didn’t fall from the tree”…you. You’re not old-fashioned; you’ll always be “in” fashion no matter our changing, fast-paced world.

    thanks for sharing what’s still a wonderful life…hugmamma. 😉

  17. Niclole, do you make these wonderful goodies or are they made by Mom and then exported to your home? Are you willing to share recipes? Like the pear and jalepeno for instance? Sounds divine! ~ Lynda

  18. Found my way over here from WordPress and absolutely love your writing! Love the pic too — I am a sucker for Ball jars.

    • Thank you, indybrown ~ I appreciate your kind words. Please visit again soon, I love hearing from new blogging friends.

      I’m a big fan of Mason jars too…in fact, I hosted a dinner party recently and guests drank out of pint-size jars. I couldn’t help myself! 🙂

  19. yep, your parents grow some mighty tasty products.. my favorite is the pulpy tomatoe juice.. i could live on that alone.. your dad starves me to death talking about squash casserole that your mom makes, grilled veggies,.. i say they truly have that ‘green thumb’… and for your picture choice above.. i think would make an excellent print blown up and hung in the kitchen, don’t you…


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