My love/hate relationship with Foodgawker

Several weeks ago, a friend introduced me to a particular website she knew I’d love and would instantly add to my Favorites toolbar.

Say hello to Foodgawker, a fat girl’s online food porn paradise.

I know, you want to lick the screen.

I visit this site at least 4,729 times a day to see new pictures and recipes.

It’s a really great concept, another one of those WHY DID I THINK OF THIS?! ideas that seem pretty easy: upload a photo, add a link, and click submit. Could it be any easier?


Yes, at least for me.

I have great love for Foodgawker because of its pretty pictures and endless supply of recipes and cooking tips, but my hatred is growing by the nano-second because of this:

That’s right, I’ve submitted six times and Foodgawker has denied me SIX times.

What the bejeebers?!

I use the same photos on my blog that I submit to Foodgawker and they don’t look “dull” or “harsh.” I know my house is TERRIBLE for photographs, so I’ve gone outside for natural light.

Imagine the eye-roll from Husband when I’m outside in the Inferno called Texas Summer wearing oven mitts and holding a screaming hot iron skillet with one hand and the camera in the other.

Yes, my panties are in a wad.

Yes, I am upset.

Yes, I am frustrated.

Yes, I want the self-indulgence and satisfaction that MY picture and MY blog are published on Foodgawker.

But ohh NOOOOOO, gotta leave me out.

Gotta rain on my parade.

My blog-buddy, Fnkybee has a word for these meanie-weanies, but for the sake of my Mother ~ who I know reads this ~ I’m going to refrain from saying it out loud, but inside I am SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I’m NOT a professional photographer, but I keep clicking away.

I know pretty much NOTHING about Photoshop, but I’m trying to learn.

And for goodness sakes, Foodgawker, if you’re going to deny my submission, at least be more specific about the problem so I can correct my mistake.

I’m going to eat a piece of pie now.

Eat your heart out, Foodgawker.



  1. I’m having the same problem with Foodgawker. I haven’t had this blog for very long and I’m definitely no photographer but everything I’ve submitted so far has been declined. In my opinion your photography looks great, so I’m sure they’ll accept something eventually!

  2. I don’t understand why your photos would be declined. The lighting, In my opinion which doesn’t mean diddly squat, is fine. It’s bright, you can see all the details, everything is beautifully placed so I don’t know what their deal is except they are lame. 😛
    Keep trying. Don’t get discouraged!
    I am definitely going to check out this site!
    ps. Scream it girlfriend!

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