Funny Card Send-away….Round 2

This is a follow-up to my I Heart Greeting Cards post.

I had so much fun at the card shop last month, I want to keep this “send-away”  of funny cards going. Get it? Instead of a product giveaway, it’s a card send-away?! HAHA I’m so funny.

Why am I the only one laughing?

The quintessential card company, Hallmark, has a competition called, “YOUR greeting card” that I believe is finer-than-frog-hair. It’s quite possibly the best thing EVER. People submit their personal photos and short message to Hallmark, then selected submittals become future products for addicts frequent card-shoppers like me can purchase.

I sent a card to TWO lucky participants yesterday and I picked up more cards today.

Here’s what YOU need to know right now:

  • Go to Hallmark’s contest page and view the Winner’s Gallery. I promise, you’re going to laugh. Click here to see one of my favorites!
  • Share this with a friend and invite them to join my send-away. Everybody needs a good laugh, right?!
  • Finally, leave a comment on this blog post explaining your interest in receiving a funny card from me. You MUST leave your name and email address so I can contact you. Duh!

Earn an additional 3 entries by:

  1. Re-post this to Facebook, and leave an additional comment.
  2. Re-post this to Twitter, and leave an additional comment.
  3. Blog about this, and leave an additional comment.

I will use to select multiple send-away winners on Friday, July 15.






  1. I posted on facebook!

  2. I want to participate! The last card was a hoot!

  3. Because your awesome and I like good mail. heehee!

    • Hey Fnkybee, I’m looking at six – yeah count’em, SIX – hilarious cards and I’m trying to decide which one you should get. Don’t be surprised if your mailbox is over-loaded with hot Texas male…oh I mean mail. BAHAHAHA

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