“frugal, festive and fabulous”

I’m stealing borrowing this “frugal, festive and fabulous” craft project idea from Kate, the Centsational Girl.

I’ve been searching for inexpensive cake plates, cupcakes stands, and general food servers for our dining room table. I found this very creative DIY post from Kate and it’s just what I was looking for. The decorative ware is colorful, inexpensive, and can be customized to fit any decor. I especially like the fact that you could have multiple colors and heights to meet your needs for a large party or buffet server. Plus, you can coordinate colors by season, holiday, or a specific occasion (i.e. Fourth of July, bridal shower, or Christmas).

My best friend, Kim, thinks I have an addiction obession to decorative textiles, specifically placemats and kitchen hand towels. You see, I have multiple sets for every major holiday and season. While our table does not currently have any place-settings, the double-ovens are adorned with festive towels for Fourth of July. They’re so purr-deee.

I digress so easily.

Back to craft project……Colorful Display Stands

As soon as I saw Kate’s DIY post about creating colorful stands from items purchased at the local Goodwill store, I was hooked. Once again, here is another prime example when I scratch my head and scream at the top of my lungs…


Lucky for me, there’s a Goodwill store just minutes from the house. I wouldn’t say I’m a frequent customer, but I will stop occasionally to scout a good bargain. I went a couple of months ago and found several pairs of work pants and t-shirts that I am taking on the Haiti mission trip next month. I love a good sale and discounted prices are one of my most favorite things in life. Who cares if it’s someone else’s trash………it’s my treasure now!

So, I’m on a mission this week to create some of these decorative pieces for all the wonderful and amazing parties I don’t host and people don’t attend. If you read my post, Hostess with the Leastest you’d understand this statement. Perhaps decorative plates will encourage people to show up ~ hahaha!!!!!

Anybody want to have a party at my house?!?!

I’ll cook……..and decorate the table all nice and pretty!



  1. LOVING this!!!!!!! So freakin cute, Nicole!!

    • Thank you! I’m glad to report there’s a collection of mixed glassware and dishes on my dining room table right now…..and four pieces are outside – they’ve been primed and I’ll paint and assemble tomorrow. I’m taking pictures as I go, this is really FUN!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for an update post, share with your friends – this is too good NOT to share. 🙂

  2. I’ll come! LOL Tell me when. 🙂 And this is an awesome idea!!

    • Awww, thanks Jenny! I know it’s a month away, but would you be interested in a “ladies night” the weekend of August 12 and watching the movie The Help? I’ve read the book and it’s awesome, I want to see the movie as soon as it’s in theatres. Of course, that’s if I make it back from Haiti – hahaha

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