Weekly Photo Challenge – SKY

I really enjoy participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge, hosted by The Daily Post. This week’s theme is SKY and I think I have the perfect interpretation to submit.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago near Waxahachie, Texas when Kevin and I were headed to a team roping event. There had just been a thunderstorm in the area and we saw a DOUBLE rainbow too. It was incredible.

Have a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend – Happy Fourth of July!





  1. Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Amazing colors–but the TEXTURE of the sky is even more incredible! Don’t you just feel lucky when you get to see something like this?

  3. Love the play of colors. It’s like heavens were in a creative mood and just started splashing the sky with inspiring colors. cool photo.

  4. Beautiful color!

  5. Beautiful sky. Nice colors. It reminds me of Jupiter.

  6. Earth. Wind. Fire. Beautiful

  7. That is so beautiful…I don’t even know what else to say about it. Great picture

  8. The sights you see on the way to a roping carnival. Lucky you and fabulous shot!

  9. Breathtakingly stunning!

  10. looks beautiful, almost magical..

  11. I like the rippling effect of this sea of colours.

  12. thirdhandart says:

    Truly amazing!

  13. like fire 🙂

  14. Im the words of Jim Carrey B E A UTIFUL!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful color!


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