pork butt = YUM

Pork butt is heaven on earth.

HA – I said butt.

butt, butt, butt

I crack myself up. (note: I’m home alone AND in a ridiculously giddy mood – I’ve laughed at my own jokes all day.) Anyway………..some bloggers do “Word-less Wednesdays” but c’mon, we all know that I can’t be quiet for an extended period of time. 

The following recipe was adapted from The Pioneer Woman.

Start with a pork butt. Or pork shoulder roast. Or butt roast. Or Heaven on Earth. Whatever it’s called…just buy it.

Remove the roast from its packaging, rinse with cold water, and pat dry.

My ingredients include an assortment of pantry staples: brown sugar, minced garlic, dark sorghum, and a yellow onion. The chipotle peppers are something new.

The chipotle peppers in adobo sauce is something I’ve never used before. The PW used them in her recipe, so I thought I’d give them a try. I purchased the smallest can I could find. I don’t like really spicy food.

I took a whole onion and sliced it in half, then removed the skin and sliced the two halves in half.

Lay the onion pieces on the bottom of a heavy-duty stock pot. The onions are like a pillow for the pork butt.



This “dry rub” is a combination of different spices I found in the spice cabinet, including chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and my Dad’s Holy Trinity – salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

The “odd” ingredient for this recipe, according to The PW, is Dr. Pepper. I use DP and other dark-colored colas (coke? pop? whatever you call it) in BBQ recipes all the time, especially when I make BBQ sauce. Plus, I like to see it fizz without spilling over the top of the pan. I’m easily entertained.

I topped the pork butt with adobo peppers and drizzled with dark sorghum molasses.

Cover and place inside a preheated 350-degree oven for 4-6 hours, depending on the size of your (pork) butt. My (pork) butt was over 7-pounds and it cooked for almost 6 hours. Once an hour, I’d flip the roast.

After five hours of cooking, I tried to pull out the roast’s bone. It was not coming out easily, so I continued to cook it. That’s the best indication of the roast being done…..when that bone comes out clean, it’s done.

Do NOT over-cook this meat. Over-cooking any meat is a sin.

What’s the point of that pitiful, pathetic, plastic cutting board? That’s embarrassing.

I used two forks to “shred” the meat and put fatty pieces, onions, and adobo peppers in the “discard” cup you see there on the side.

Turn oven to broiler, slice a kaiser roll in half and butter your buns!

hahaha – I’m laughing at my own jokes again.

Top the toasted bun with shredded butt meat.

Eat and enjoy.





  1. Whoa- that is one gorgeous – butt! 😉 Thanks so much for entering this One Pot Meal in the Holiday Recipe Exchange!

  2. Well that settles what I am making for our Labor Day BBQ! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • it’s soooooooo delicious!!!!!
      Sidenote: lather your buns (the bread, not the other!) with butter and “toast” in a heated skillet until the edges are crispy, spoon on the bbq, and be sure to wear a bib!!!!!!!

  3. Looks and sounds de-licious!
    Are you a fan of pork spare ribs? I have a recipe for country style bbq spare ribs that is to die for. Seriously you will take one bite and fall over into a “OMG this is so freaking good” coma. I make my own bbq sauce that is so different (it has russian dressing, brown sugar, ketchup, & worcestershire sauce). We even put the sauce over our mashed potatoes..its that good! 🙂 YUMMO! I might have to do a post on that.

    • Either send the recipe or invite me over for dinner……you’re making me drool on my keyboard and it’s rather disgusting. Do I like country style bbq spare ribs? HMMMPH – – does it look like I like country style bbq spare ribs? Does it look like I like all things pork-related? Does it look like I’ve ever turned down a food particle? C’mon Fnkybee, you know me better than that!!!!!!

      P.S. the BBQ sauce sounds incredible…..I’m a tomato-y rather than vinegar-based sauce type of gal and prefer mine thick, rich, a little bit tangy but a whole lot sweet and sultry and lick your fingers kind of sauce….you hear what I’m saying?!

      When are you going to Vegas? I’m going to KY towards the end of July but I want to see you – show you how this girl cleans a plate of ribs. fyi: napkins aren’t necessary, just a water hose for after. There’s a possibility I’ll be flying in and out of Nashville airport, so I’ll be in and near Ten-ah-see!!!!!!

      • Yeah it’s that good! I will email you the recipe hopefully this evening or tomorrow. We are getting ready to head out the door now.
        The bbq sauce is great. It’s tangy and sweet…perfect.
        I go to Vegas the last week of July Mon-Thurs. When are you going to Kentucky and what part? Let me know if you can make a track to Nashville while you are up and we will get together!

  4. This sounds yummy! I’m going to try cooking it in a large crock pot though – our oven heats up the whole house. Thank you!

  5. that sure looks good… especially the end result.. you are pretty talented, and to be able to laugh at your own jokes, makes me laugh.. thanks Nicole

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