I Heart Greeting Cards

I tried to think of some spectacular title for this post, but I got nothing.

What I do have is this hilarious reaction to receiving mail…….

I have this expression on my face when I receive mail. Not the junk mail or bills though. I don’t like that kind.

I love greeting cards. I love receiving cards and I especially love sending them. I could easily spend an entire day in a store reading and perusing the isles and isles of cards. Most recently, I spent three hours and 60-dollars at the local Hallmark Store. Ask anyone who knows me, I usually send multiple cards to a person for a special occasion, celebration, or significant event in their life.

When Husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, I literally FREAKED him out when I gave him FIVE cards. He looked at me weird for an entire week.

Oh wait, he still looks at me weird. That was a terrible example.

This card-sending trait is a wonderful thing I acquired from my mother’s two sisters. They are, in my biased opinion, the CARD QUEENS. I’m the Card Princess working my way up the ladder to their awesome-ness status. I’ll get there…..one of these days. If I have to knock them off myself.


Anyway, I want to start a little thing that involves you – the blog reader – and my enjoyment of sending greeting cards. It’s not a giveaway, it’s not a contest, it’s nothing big or fancy, expensive, or elaborate……….I just want to share my cards with you!!!!! Disregard the purpose or subject, just accept it as a gift. Plus, it costs you nothing more than the energy it takes for you to open your mailbox. I doubt you’ll break a sweat.

I say disregard the purpose or subject of the card because you might get a birthday or anniversary card when you’re not celebrating either. Also, please remember whose womb I inhabited for eight months and three weeks prior to entering this world: my awesome and hilarious Mom sent me a check recently placed inside a sympathy card. The woman cracks me up.

Geesh, I talk a lot. Back to the greeting card thing.

I went to the store today and purchased TWO cards that I want to send to two of you. I think these cards are laugh-out-loud hilarious funny because I laughed-out-loud and two people stopped and asked if I was OK. I love when that happens!

Here’s what YOU need to do RIGHT NOW: 


Leave a comment with your EMAIL address.


Later this week, I’ll randomly choose two of you. Then, I’ll contact you for a mailing address.

There’s no reason to have your personal mailing address plastered to my blog for the whole world to see…..besides, your house might be messy and you don’t want visitors to knock on your door and scream SURPRISE!

Note to self: empty the dishwasher and run the vacuum. You know, just in case somebody screams SURPRISE at the front door.


Spread the word, share with your friends, repost to your Facebook wall or blog, and feel free to Tweet this so others can participate too. Everybody loves getting mail and when it’s LOL funny, the world’s a better place.



The Sweet-Tea-Drinkin’-Card-Sendin’-Lover-of-All-Things-Funny



  1. I adore cards! I’m same there as you.
    You probably already did choose 2 people for this, but I would like to get from you card anytime in future, and send u also. 🙂


  2. I love getting real mail too!!! kathrenleigh@gmail.com

  3. You’re right – I do love getting mail!! Especially mail from You!! Your handwriting is stellar.

  4. I think we were separated at birth…

  5. Hey Nicole! Love, Love, Love this idea! From one Kentucky woman to another,”Your Awesome Girlfriend!”
    Nothing would please me more than getting a off the wall card from you! Blessings!

  6. Hi Nicole, I just love sending and receiving cards. There’s just something about opening the envelope and seeing what is inside. It’s like a present. Thanks for the posts.

  7. What a cool idea! I’m in! Fnkybee@gmail.com.
    I am a F-Reak with cards, plus I’m a gemini and can’t make a decision to save my life so people usually get at least 2 cards from me.

    • Is indecisiveness (did I spell that correctly?) a trait of Geminis? Perhaps I was born in the wrong month because I can’t make decisions either…………I don’t care. It’s up to you. It doesn’t matter. UGH I drive myself crazy with that nonsense.

      I digress – glad you’re in Fnkybee. I”m still uber jealous about your trip to Vegas. (lightbulb moment) I’m going to find a card especially for you and this trip. 🙂

  8. Celeste Zachry says:

    Nicole, my little brother is the KING of hilarious and often inappropriate cards! He keeps me rolling..and guessing half the time. We just celebrated a joint b-day for me and my sisters-in-law (we’re all June babies) and the card he gave me had a photo straight from the 50’s of 3 women drinking coffee with thought bubbles that all said, “Sex. Sex. Definitely sex.” The inside reads, “So, which would you rather live without – cake or sex?” Sheesh.

    He’s a mess! Love his cards!

    • BAHAHA – I love the card and your little brother’s sense of humor! The cards today with the old family photos are THE BEST….in fact, the two lucky winners will be getting one. I’m so excited to share these. If you don’t laugh, you ain’t breathing!


  9. Whitney Spainhoward says:

    Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.
    Snail Mail is the best!!!!!

  10. Lindsey simpson says:

    You never cease to amaze me on here!

  11. Girl, your posts always bring a smile to my face! 🙂

  12. What a wonderful idea! I may steal your idea (but I’ll give you credit!) I make greeting cards. I would love to send you one if you will give me your email address.
    Here’s mine: crogowfutch@yahoo.com

  13. Nicole, I love your ‘card’ idea.. I love getting cards… with email and facebook, the cards don’t come as regular.. I’m just as guilty as the next person, to wish a Happy Birthday to someone on facebook rather than send a card. You come up with such amazing things to keep us on our toes..
    Thanks Nicole

  14. I happen to love giving/getting cards!! I have almost every card I’ve ever received. 🙂

    • Me too!!!!!1 I’ll make note of this and send you a card when you least expect it. Thanks for leaving a comment, I’m already giddy about this. So. Much. Fun. 🙂


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