And the winner of GIVEAWAY 3 is……

What? You thought I’d announce the big winner immediately?!

You must be crazy.

Let’s talk a bit. What should we talk about?


I got Haiti vaccinations yesterday, two in each arm. The injections didn’t hurt, but …….


My arms hurt so bad I can’t stretch them out straight. I made Husband go with me to hold my hand, catch me in case I fainted, AND to drive me home. Just. In. Case.

Husband’s life-saving strategies and valet services were not needed.

I wore my Big Girl Panties and did NOT pass out. The nurse asked me lots of questions and had me jibber-jabbering the entire time. I swear, sometimes I’m the freakin Energizer Bunny and don’t know when to shut up. The next thing I knew she said ALL DONE!

Just think, I had to PAY for this torture!!!!!!

I went to the Tarrant County (Fort Worth) Health Department to their Traveling Health Services and spent $215.00 for an office visit (that was $25.00 on its own) and FOUR injections. Plus, I have two prescriptions to fill and TWO additional office visits (another $25.00 each) for the second and third injection of Hepatitis A/B. This got expensive fast. Thank goodness for insurance – which I am hoping will actually pay for this torture.

One more thing before I announce the big winner……..

I love my Mom. The woman is freakin’ awesome. She sent a check for the Haiti Mission Team and taped it inside a sympathy card. No joke. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I love you, Mom.


Back to the giveaway, here’s the complete list of participants, in the order that they posted a comment:


I used to choose a number between 1 and 19. The lucky winner is:


#8: Beth Smith


Congratulations, Beth!!!! I sent you a message on Facebook and I’ll be sending you an email shortly. I need your mailing address ASAP so I can send your Teeny Tiny Spice tins.

Beth chose “Citrus Pepper” and “Montreal” as her spice gifts. I’m so excited for her to try Citrus Pepper, I think it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks to everyone who entered – I love every single person that visits this blog. 

Y’all are all a blessing and, in the words of FnkybeeAWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!! 




  1. Congratulations Beth!! I’m jealous!

  2. Whoo Hoo! Can’t wait to try them.

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