Coal miner’s daughter and a GIVEAWAY

I didn’t realize until researching for this post that Father’s Day might have originated in 1907 at a memorial service for a group of men, majority of them fathers, killed in a coal mining accident in Monogah, West Virginia. This is near and dear to my heart.

I’m a coal miner’s daughter.

I know first-hand the nervousness from watching my Dad pull out of the driveway for another shift in the darkness of an underground coal mine. Despite the dangers associated with mining, my Dad’s work ethic is second to none. It’s just one of the many characteristics I admire about him. When he’s not working at the coal plant, he’s in the garden or honing his vintner (wine-making) skills. Between the fresh produce and homemade wine, many people consider my father a saint.

I completely agree.

In honor of Father’s Day, this is for my Dad…

Things I’ve learned from my Father

  • Win (and Lose) Gracefully — While I do not play golf nearly as much as I used to, the game still means a lot to me and the relationship with my dad. He taught me the game at a young age. It’s something we did together and enjoyed it thoroughly. I believe golf is an outdoor classroom, not just a form of entertainment or physical activity. I credit my relationship-building skills, mannerisms, etiquette, honesty, and maturity to my parents, but to golf as well. During my competitive years, I enjoyed success but suffered plenty of disappointment too. It didn’t matter if I brought home the trophy, though. Did I respect myself? Did I represent my family in the best possible way? Did I honor myself by trying my best? Did I respect my opponents for their efforts? Did I win like a champion or lose with grace? If I answered yes to these questions, I learned the lesson. If not, I lost the competition AND respect for myself. 
  • Don’t settle for chicken if lobster’s available — This is just another way of saying don’t settle for less. When it came to relationships and looking for a husband, I had a long list of requirements. As such, I did not date in high school. Truth be told, I didn’t have time because I was too busy (focused) on golf. Another truth: my expectations were too high and the boys at my school were too short. Fortunately, Kevin EXCEEDED all of my expectations……and he’s tall.
  • Address every situation with good posture and a pleasant smile — I can’t think of any experience where this advice has not been beneficial to me. Thanks Dad!

Something my husband has learned from my Father

  • Keep big guns

Ummm, yeah……my Dad’s not messing around with his toys.

And, this is just one of many.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Blah, blah, blah – what about the GIVEAWAY?!?

In honor of Father’s Day, I am offering a giveaway for the adorable, wonderful, and lovable men in our lives. As such, this giveaway item is guy-friendly. However, ladies can benefit as well. 

Nicole, enough already – what will I win?!

Go to Teeny Tiny Spice Company and check out their products page.

They are currently featured in Real Simple Magazine and have a Father’s Day Special featuring two of their wonderful spices. I had the “citrus pepper” at a friend’s house and let me tell you, it was AWESOME! We had steak and chicken kabobs and the seasoning was perfect.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For this giveaway, I’m offering TWO spice blends!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here’s how this works:

  • Go to Teeny Tiny Spice’s website and choose TWO seasoning blends you’d like to have
  • Leave a comment on this post, include your NAME, EMAIL, and SPICE SELECTIONS
  • One entry per person please
  • U.S. shipping only
  • You’ll be really awesome if you re-post this giveaway on your blog, webpage, Facebook, and Twitter

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Deadline to enter giveaway is midnight Friday, June 24. The winner will be announced Saturday.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Good luck!



  1. Hey Nicole ~ Marla is my sister…just FYI. 🙂

  2. Ok I suck at spices. Let’s just say I win, I’m going to trust your judgement on what 2 spices are the best. I seriously am no good at picking out spices! 😛 My hubs loves to cook and is the king at what spices go with so much!

  3. Perfection Spice Rub and Montreal Seasoning

  4. Choc chili and citrus pepper sound awesome! Love your giveaways. Recieved my book the other day. Thank you so much

  5. I’d love to try the Citrus Pepper and the Chocolate Chilli!!!

  6. Yep, your dad is a character!! So is your mom. Ahhhh, so that’s where YOU get it!! Ha ha. I like your prize, but one day you should offer a jar of your dad’s “hot preserves”. Not that I would enter that giveaway (I don’t mix my sweets with HOT) but a lot of people love it. My Greg really enjoyed eating it. Out of all the spices on the website, I like Montreal and Za ater (sp?) Thanks girl.

    • Hey Kris, thanks for entering my giveaway! You are right about so many things……my Dad is a hoot and I should definitely offer one of his creations as a giveaway. You’re so smart, I need your good ideas more often. Miss you! Love you!

  7. Lisa Wood
    As for the spices….I don’t even have a clue. What are your two favorite? I’ll pick those. 😉

  8. Ok, Citrus Pepper and British Curry! Yum!

  9. Love this piece on your Daddy… Sounds like a character with character!

    • Rick, you have no idea!!!!! My Dad is a character with LOTS of character – plenty of good with a little ornery mixed in for good measure. HAHA
      Thanks for entering, good luck.

      ~ Nicole ~

  10. Ahhh Nicole, I love your blog & ya know I love your Daddy too! I love the picture of the 2 of you. The spices sound amazing, I would love to try them; citrus pepper & perfection spice rub would be my choices.

  11. Montreal seasoning citrus pepper

  12. Hi Nicole,

    My father is no longer with me and my children’s father is not either. It is so important to “stop and smell the roses” or take the time now in the present to be with our Fathers because there will come a time when they are no longer with us.

    My choice for spices is Citrus Pepper and Perfection Spice Rub.

    I enjoy readin gyour blog. Thanks.

    Lucy Dowings

  13. Yummy these sound good….
    Citrus Pepper and Montréal Seasoning

    Thank you so much for your blog and your giveaways 🙂

    Beth Smith

  14. Awesome giveaway! I’d love Za’tar and Vindaloo!

  15. Whitney Spainhoward says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I, often, can reason with you because we have many of the same values, morals, etc.
    Now, on with the good stuff. My hubby is an excellent cook, griller, & smoker/bbqer. We would take any two random spices that you thought were best!!!

    • I LOVE YOU, WHITNEY – – gosh, I swear, everytime Kevin is watching something insanely boring on TV I immediately think of you asking my Dad, “are you watching this or do you want me to go home?” Oh. My. Goodness. I miss you so much. 🙂

      Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  16. Great giveaway. My husband would love these. My picks would be:

    Perfection Spice Rub
    Montreal Seasoning

    • Thanks so much for visiting my blog, posting a comment, AND entering my giveaway – this is so much fun! Good luck and invite your friends and family too.


  17. Love this giveaway, you can never have too many spices!! The montreal and perfection spice rub look great!

  18. Celeste Zachry says:

    Ahhh…father’s day. Poor Brandon will be working 😦 However, I will send him off with a lunch of his choice beforehand. One of the things my dad taught me while growing up was, “If you can’t get there on time, it’s not worth your time going.” As a result, I am adamant about being on time to places. It’s utterly disrespectful, to me, to be late – anywhere. I was the person, in college, early to every class and sitting up front because I knew my purpose for being there. Well, I did sit in back for English Grammar…it was a summer class and I’d rather be at the lake.

    I love the “man infused” give away. Nice touch. I even let Brandon choose the spices: Shepherd Herb Mix and Citrus Pepper.

    • Your lessons sound very similar to my own…..I am another “early bird” no matter where I go. I’d rather be an hour early than one minute late!!!
      Thanks for entering, best of luck, and I hope Brandon has a dee-lish lunch before he goes to work (booo). 🙂

  19. Kimberly Hulsey says:

    I vote for citrus pepper and shepherd herb! Love you!

  20. Lindsey Simpson says:

    The citrus pepper and Montreal seasoning looks amazing! I just love reading your blogs! Thanks for the giveaways too!


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