Photo Challenge ~ WORN

Let’s face it……Husband and I are NOT fancy people. Frankly, we’re just like the Weekly Photo Challenge theme: WORN.

It’s been quiet this week and I haven’t used my camera much. But alas, it’s Friday – which means a new photo theme. Since most everything (and everybody) at our Humble Abode are worn, I knew I had to snap a few photos.

While in the barn, I caught a glimpse of old horseshoes hanging on the panels and they looked too good to pass up. Husband has been collecting old shoes from our horses for years, as far back as Goodbar, Hillbilly, Seven, and of course, Blue and Curtis.

I couldn’t choose just one for the weekly challenge, please enjoy:

Aside from the cobwebs and well-worn look, these horseshoes have sentimental value. The difference sizes represent the different horses that have worn them.



Someone asked why there’s got an old, ugly, and rusted plow sitting next to the fence. Husband’s priceless response: it works just fine.


My life would not be complete without ropes and gloves. I can’t tell you how many I’ve washed only to find them in the dryer later. I love my Husband. I don’t find coins or paper money in his pockets, just roping gloves.

It’s a perk for the Life of a Roper’s Wife.

Is it obviously whose boots were made for working and whose boots were made for walking?!

I think Husband easily wins the award for Most Worn Boots.


  1. Yes. From Australia. Love the shots.

  2. I love the shots of the horseshoes. Nicely done.

  3. Nice selection of photos. I particularly like the second horseshoe shot.

  4. These are fantastic. As a girl who grew up in LA (Greenwood–between the town of Waskom, TX and Shreveport, LA) these photos triggered tons of memories. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.

    • Thank you SOOOO much for visiting, commenting, and enjoying my photos. I recently received a new camera and I’m enjoying this new hobby and taking here-and-there photos around our place. Glad you enjoyed them. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor.

      Also, I have a GIVEAWAY going on right now in honor of Father’s Day but anybody can participate – please check it out and enter to win. Good luck!


  5. these have got to be the best photos for this week’s theme! i really like the ropes and the rusted plow. the whole thing convey so much love and happiness. thank you for sharing them!

  6. Oooohhhh!! Love the pics!! There is something about photo two that gets me all giddy. Pun intended. Awesome set!

  7. my favourite is the one of the ropes. Lovely shapes and colours

  8. Celeste Zachry says:

    Gosh, based on these pics, you don’t even need a class chica! They were beautiful…I might be a bit prejudiced since I am a tried and true Texan, but they really are beauties. Have fun at your class, Nicole!

  9. This was so awesome, I so love the choices you made. You need to do more. This is rather inspiring to say the least. Very well done. No more holding out on us now, please!
    Many smiles from another Texas compadre,
    Mira Faraday (

    • Thank you so much for visiting and commenting…….not 30 minutes ago I posted on Facebook about visiting the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. After visiting your blog, I’m definitely checking it out. Thanks for the kind words and inspiration. Many blessings. 🙂

  10. Fabulous photos of beautifully worn objects that did not wear me down. There is a story in each of the photos. Well done.

  11. Nice interpretation of the theme. Some of the horseshoes still have the nails in them. That is too cool! And the photo of the boots is even better. Great photos!

    • Thank you, thirdhandart, I appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting on this post. Yes, the nails in the horseshoes, I think, give them an even more authenicity. They went from horse to barn stall, can’t get any more real than that! 🙂

  12. Nicole.. i just love your pictures of ‘worn’ items. I am a person that when i see something worn, i feel and see life in those items. Some person worked and sweated in that item, for instance those horseshoes.. Many years of life is hanging there on that post. Memories are what is left beside them.
    The boots, now those are special. Man and wife, side by side.. memories in the making… You did a good job, Nicole in capturing the life in those boots, also…

    • Thanks so much, Wilma. The horseshoes are definitely special and the boots, well, those are honestly representative of work and play. I’ll let you choose which is mine. HA!!!!!!

  13. I love your take on this week’s photo theme! I love old things – they have so much character and always a story behind them! The horseshoes, the boots and the plow are perfectly ‘worn’.

  14. Love your horseshoes and their sentimental value. Isn’t Macro just the best setting? I’m not a sweet tea girl as I live in the cold north but we do make Peach Suntea in the summer. I like your down home writing style!

    • Thank you, Nantuckettiechic for the sweet comments. I just got this new, fancy-schmancy camera and I don’t have a clue as to how to use it! In fact, I’m going to a photography class tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog, please be a frequent visitor!


  15. Yeah!!! So awesome:D

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