1. 21 years of marriage and still separate accounts. It works for us too. My account needs to be balanced to the closest $20-$30. Husband is banker and must be balanced to the penny. Too time consuming for me. I also use my debit card for items under $1 because I do not carry cash. Husband does not use debit card but always has cash on hand. Opposites attract. Why add stress to a marriage by sharing accounts? Both of us are giving and divide expenses equally. Why be normal?

  2. I think that whatever works for you as a couple, is the way to go.
    We have joint accounts but I have one account purely in my own name which the hub knows about – we have no secrets. I like it because it gives me my own identity and independence.
    Like you, we each have our own jobs in and out of the house, with total understanding of what the other does. It’s worked for us for over 40 years, so we must be doing something right!

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