Hostess & Roper’s Wife

For those of you who were with me yesterday, I’m proud to announce that darn To-Do List got accomplished today, except for one load of laundry (which is in the washer now) and final cooking and preparations for tomorrow evening’s dinner. Oh, and I’ll run the vacuum one more time tomorrow afternoon….you know, just in case.

After cleaning the house and going to the grocery, I came home and starting prepping for tomorrow’s dinner. I made the spinach dip and juiced a bag of lemons for lemonade and oranges for orangeade; then, I chopped vegetables for the kabobs. I love kabobs, they’re so colorful and easy to make.

Here’s a quad of bell peppers – yellow, red, orange and green – plus red onion and pineapple.



When I assemble the kabobs tomorrow, I’m also adding whole mushrooms and chunks of chicken, pork, and large shrimp.


Kevin got home from work and just as he was changing into comfortable clothes, his phone rang. A few minutes later he was walking out the door in his boots and jeans. I made the assumption the cowboy church had changed their roping schedule.

I was right.

Since I had been home most of the day, I figured I’d drive over to the roping pen. Plus, this was a great excuse for me to take pictures. I promised the Husband I wouldn’t plaster my blog with pictures of him. Yeah, whatever.



I’m really concerned with Blue’s camera fetish. He’s becoming more and more photogenic. As soon as I got out of my car and he saw me, it was like he was looking for the camera. He knows he’s handsome and he wants everybody else to know it too. Silly horse.



This little guy (girl?) was just chilling.



I thought this was a nice action shot, unfortunately you’re unable to see Kevin’s rope under the steer because of the dust. Oh well.



Amongst the many titles and hats I wear, Equipment Manager is one of them. I wish I had a quarter for every rope I’ve handled in the past eight years. Unfortunately, ropes are not contained to the horse trailer or roping pen. Kevin has a practice dummy that is “household size” and proudly sits in our living room. Welcome to my life as a Roper’s Wife!



I made a deal with the steers tonight. I promised to capture their best features and they agreed to be on their best behavior and not shower me with dirt and other “mud-like” substances. We both held up our end of the bargain.



I’m incredibly jealous of these boots. Not only are they a lovely cherry-red, but they’re also square-toe.

Whomever is working in the pens, they should dress appropriate to the surroundings and current weather conditions. Obviously, when working near cattle it’s a good idea to have your feet covered, you’re likely to step in sh…STUFF that’s wet, slimy, and stinky. I speak from experience. When it’s 2409834973 degrees outside, one might wear shorts too, as the Chute Boss did tonight.



Another catch for the Husband.


Better get in bed early tonight, I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.

Goodnight, Y’all.



  1. Wow! You are quite the photographer! I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with what you are doing.

    • Thank you, Mrs. Mabry – credit goes to the camera, not the operator! Santa came early this year, he treats me so well. 🙂
      Keep in touch and be sure to add a comment on the GIVEAWAY post for a chance to win the prize. It ends tonight at midnight.
      Good luck!

  2. Loved your pictures of your husband in action… i loved those red boots, also…

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